Tuesday, December 31, 2019

2019 Book RoundUp

Here's a list of everything I read in 2019.

2019 was a slow reading year for me with only 117 books read. The last two years haven't been that conducive to reading and I also spend way too much time online. I need to adjust that for 2020. I had 1 reread that I've included under the 5 bites only because it's still a 5 bite read for me, but I originally read it in 2012. All titles without a review link, the reviews will go up in 2020 and I will add them as they post.

5 bites


4 bites and a nibble

4 bites

3 bites and a nibble

3 bites

2 bites and a nibble

2 bites
Hunt the Scorpion (also DNF)
Angel in Scarlet (also DNF)

1 bite and a nibble
The Conjurer (also DNF)

1 bite
Beach Lawyer (also DNF)
Revamp (also DNF)
Wolf Song (also DNF)
Dream Huntress (also DNF)
The Friday Edition (also DNF)

a nibble (.5)
The Silver Chain (also DNF)
Close Liaisons (also DNF)

Hunt the Scorpion
Angel in Scarlet
Wolf Song
Dream Huntress
Close Liaisons
The Conjurer
The Friday Edition

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