Friday, November 29, 2019

Making It Rain In Texas

Book source ~ ARC. 
My review is voluntary and honest.
6 August 2019
Suspense | Mystery
207 Pages

My Rating ~ 5 bites

Al Quinn is a retired detective for the Sheriff’s Department, but somehow his old boss, Sheriff Clayton, keeps managing to pull him in when he needs a really good detective. He calls them “favors” but each time Al and his lady friend Fergie (retired detective of the Austin PD) have nearly been killed doing these little favors for Clayton. But this one seems relatively straight forward and harmless. He just needs to go talk to someone who says they saw a chupacabra, reassure them that the department will look into it, and go on his merry way. If you’ve read any of the other Al Quinn stories, you know this just isn’t going to be that simple. But first he needs to find a con-woman who stole the cancer fund money from the hospital charity drive that his brother Maury and sis-in-law Bonnie were running before their boss fires them for it. Retired, his ass.

I love Al and his merry band of misfits. When a new book comes out I can’t wait to see what Al is going to be investigating and how Fergie, Maury, Bonnie, and Tanner will help. Baby Al isn’t going to be much help in this one because, well, he’s no Baby Yoda. Ok, that reference will not work for anyone who isn’t watching The Mandalorian, but I don’t care. LOL

Al and Fergie have an impossible task of finding this fraudster woman. It’s like she’s disappeared off the face of the planet. But Al is stubborn and he likes a good puzzle, so away he and Fergie go trying to track down a ghost. I love the way one thing leads to another thing then another and suddenly there are guys trying to kill Al and Fergie. How the hell did that happen?! Like any good detective Al follows the trail and relies on his gut as well. Fergie has years of experience to contribute and she’s no wilting flower. There's action, mystery,  and awesome characters - I love this world!


  1. Now this sounds right up my alley! I am a sucker for a good mystery!

  2. These amusing mysteries can be a nice change from dark thrillers. A Chupacabra....sounds like the X-files. 😳 Nice review. 😎🏵🍓

    1. They really are and since I'm in a dark thriller/suspense mode right now I needed the break. Ah, chupacabra. People think they see/hear/believe the weirdest stuff. lol