Thursday, January 9, 2020

Tombyards & Butterflies

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Book source ~ Kindle Unlimited
26 February 2017
Fantasy | Paranormal
313 Pages

My Rating ~ 4 bites

Simon Strong and Tristan Montague own a detective agency in New York. But they aren’t your run-of-the-mill PIs. They deal with the strange and the weird. You know, much like themselves. Monty is a battle mage and Simon is, well, a special case. Michiko Nakatomi, a powerful vampire on the Dark Council, has requested they pick up a shunned vampire. Right after doing this difficult job (but before they can get her settled), Karma shows up (it’s complicated) and tasks them with finding Charon. He’s missing and no one can find him. Well, isn’t that a shitter? That job leads them to Hades and even Death. With a capital D. You know, the guy, not the state of being. Though that last one is not out of the question before these jobs are done. Because wow, shit just hit the fan.

If you are a fan of Harry Dresden then this series should interest you. It tries a bit too hard and the writing is a tad lacking, but it’s still entertaining and fascinating. Simon is a rough around the edges smart ass and Monty is a badass, but refined. They make an interesting pair. There’s no back story as to how these two came to be friends let alone business partners, but it’s not really necessary to the storyline. It starts off running and doesn’t quit until the end. Non-stop magical danger with smartassery thrown in and magic, too. I’m sufficiently intrigued enough to continue on with book 2.


  1. The lack of back story might drive me a little nutty but it sounds like a promising start to a series.

    1. I read Book 2 (review upcoming) and the writing-style is the same. However, it's entertaining enough that I will continue on.