Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Amorous Congress

Book source ~ NetGalley
Edited by: F. Leonora Solomon
31 August 2017
Anthology | Historical | Erotica
256 Pages 

My Rating ~ 4 bites

Amorous Congress: A Collection of New Victorian Erotica is an anthology featuring a mouthwatering supply of tasty treats to tempt even the most jaded of palates. I should know. I’m kinda jaded. A little bit. But there’s not much I like more than naughty historical tales with great characters in wonderful worlds doing titillating things to each other. I know, I know, people have been kinky through the ages, but there’s just something about the prim and proper Victorian/Regency folks indulging in erotica that really gets to me. Nom nom nom!

Sense and Sensuality ~ T.G. Haynes ~ Very good

A Good Maid ~ Melina Greenport ~ My favorite

Sauce and Subtlety ~ Kaysee Renee Robichaud ~ Meh

Nancy ~ Charlie Powell ~ This is dark and violent.

Hard Work ~ Charlie Forrest ~ Okay

Hello, Victorian Ladies ~ Dulce Devine ~ This is a cheat. Not historical, just two women dressing in historical clothes for a fundraiser.

The Egg Timer ~ Brenda Clough ~ Nice!

Victorian Greeks ~ Bob Masters ~ Lovely

Caroline’s Escape ~ Catherine Guerrero ~ Whoa. Dark

Lessons ~ Margot North ~ Power play

Out of Mourning ~ Rae McGregor ~ Tugs heart strings

The Hidden Garden ~ Ivy O’Hara ~ Oooohhh…mmm…

Will You? ~ Jillian Boyd ~ Awwww

Works of the Flesh ~ Emmanuelle de Maupassant ~ Naughty!

Spellbound ~ Adrien Clark ~ Oh, a touch of paranormal. Nice!

Afternoon Tea ~ Marie Piper ~ Oh, my.

To Further the Cause of Science ~ Zak Jane Keir ~ Interesting  

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