Monday, August 26, 2019

Close Liaisons

Book source ~ ARC. 
My review is voluntary and honest.
5 October 2012
Sci-Fi | Romance
318 Pages

My Rating ~ .5 Bite
DNF @23%

The Krinar have easily taken over Earth. They rule and take whatever they want. And when Korum wants Mia Stalis he means to have her whether she wants him or not. But, of course, she wants him! He’s scary and domineering and so very sexy the way he moves around like an inhuman predator. No really. The author says so a million times in the 23% I read so it must be true! Gag me and not with a silk hankie.

This is exactly like Fifty Shades of Shit and Twilight all rolled into one big turd sandwich. Except instead of a vampire we have an alien who loves being in charge. He will fuck her. Make no mistake! And I’m sure he does but I didn’t stick around to see it. This plot is old and tired and the writing is bleh. The characters are one-dimensional. I can’t stomach anymore of this, so I’m moving on.