Wednesday, February 5, 2020

The Friday Edition

Book source ~ Tour
6 July 2012
322 Pages

My Rating ~ 1 bite
DNF @56%

Assistant DA Robin Church commits suicide according to police. Her sister, Samantha Church, isn’t buying it. Since Sam works for a newspaper she decides to investigate on her own since the police aren’t doing dick about it.

I tried with this one. I really did. I kept reading long past the time I should have tossed in the towel. The writing is extremely sloppy. POVs change in the middle of pages and back again making it super confusing. The timeline is all jacked up. But most of all, Sam is the most unlikeable main character I’ve read in a long time. I get it. She’s an alcoholic. But in the 56% I read I saw zero progress on her kicking the problem. She keeps talking about it, but nope. Her sister is murdered and she can’t even keep it together long enough to figure out by who and why. You’d think that would be a priority. I mean, apparently having a relationship with her own daughter isn’t enough to kick the bottle to the curb, so why would solving her sister’s case be any more special? Yeah. I know I sound cruel and harsh, but I don’t give a fuck. When I read about a character as fucked up as Sam, I want to see some progress and growth over the course of the book. Otherwise why am I bothering? But whatever. Crap characters, sketchy cliché plot, and sloppy writing. On top of all this how many days go by before Sam remembers that her sister had a cat?! Omfg! I can’t recommend.

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