Saturday, November 2, 2019

Hunt the Scorpion

Book source ~ NetGalley
19 February 2013
Military | Thriller
336 Pages

My Rating ~ 2 bites
DNF @30%

I read Hunt the Wolf, book 1 of SEAL Team Six and gave it a 3. Since I had both that and this book from NetGalley I moved on to this one. Ok, I made it through the sea of testosterone in book 1, but I just can’t do it in this book. The writing itself isn’t too horrible, but the pages of weapons and equipment descriptions are snoozeable. The main character is an alpha male constantly thumping his chest and talking about how awesome he is. It gets old real quick. I love a good military thriller as much as the next reader, but this book is filled with so much dick wagging that I have no desire to slog through any more of it. While it may appeal to many readers, I am not one of them.

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