Sunday, January 5, 2020

AVR Weekly News ~ 325th Edition

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--- AVR News Update ---
Hello and Happy Sunday!

On the Home Front: Why is health insurance such a pain in the ass? This country is so fucked up it's fucking ridiculous. And anyone who thinks Trump is a great guy who is doing an awesome job as Prez can kiss my ass. And then go take a pic with him. You'll find his vile self on the golf course with his disgusting corrupt buddies.

In other news, I'm tired. Tired of everything.

Touching Nature: It's been too warm for this time of year and all my bulbs are coming up already. Lovely. Not really.

Book News: I read 117 books for 2019. Not bad, but way lower than I'd like. I have 13 reviews to write. The first book I marked for 2020 was a DNF, but I decided I'm not counting it as my first book of the year since I started it at the end of 2019. My first true book of 2020 is a 5 star read. So, yay!

Don't Touch That Dial!: Slowly watching The Witcher. Proceeding through season 5 of Dexter. Plus, sports.

At the Flicks: None yet.

Cyberspace Playground: Nothing


Carol's Nuggets of Wisdom: I have no nuggets this week. Everything sucks. The end.

That's it for me. AVR News Update signing off. May all your books enthrall you.
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  1. Happy New Year!! Health insurance always makes me crazy I keep hoping one day it will be different. I know the tired feeling all too well. I hope you are able to get some rest. 117 is great for 2019. Glad to hear you started off the year with a 5* book. I've been watching Witcher well the first episode I'm stuck waiting for my bestie to keep going. I hope you enjoy all your pretty new books. Happy reading and have a great year!

  2. Oh NO! are you cranky? lol I hate Health Insurance, ours sucks so bad and costs more than we make, it's ridiculous.
    I watch friends talk about Trump like he's this great guy doing wonderful things for America but all I see is a narcissistic man who does things to make himself look good and get praise. He has alienated us from everyone, even each other, the hate is growing and it scares me. This War he is starting people are so excited about his standing up for what is right but they haven't retaliated yet and that really scares me.

    I hope you have a great week! I am sorry everything suck! Big HUGS!!!! <3

  3. I am with you on the weather being absolutely too warm!

  4. This country is in such dire straits. I am sorry you are having health insurance problems. The entire system really sucks. The fact that it's so hard to get medicine at a decent cost is a huge issue. I hate it too. I don't even want to talk about 45. I'm right there with you. I hope you enjoy your new books and that you have a better week this week.

  5. I am with you on health care, and 45. I'm thinking I need a nuclear bunker and a prepper stash as he is starting WW3. I love the too warm weather because we didn't get much autumn.

    I hope this week is great and you enjoy your new reads!

    Anne - Books of My Heart Here is my Sunday Post   

  6. Politics are a dumpster fire just about everywhere right now (though yeah sorry Trump is the worst). I hope you get your health insurance issues sorted .. Yay for universal healthcare

    Wishing you a great reading week

  7. Health insurance is a monster. Books are a great distraction from everything in real life. That's why I read so much ;)