Monday, January 6, 2020

Audiobook Challenge 2020

I'm joining the #2020AudiobookChallenge
Sign up here if you want to play along.
I'm aiming for: Level ~ Stenographer (10-15)

I used to listen to audios all the time, but now that I'm not listening each night with the kids (they're adults now) or delivering the newspaper, I just can't seem to carve out any time to listen. And since I don't live alone I can't exactly put a book on, out loud, while I clean. However, I bought a new 7" Fire just so I could have Audible. My old 1st gen Fire doesn't support that app anymore, so the new one should be perfect. It would be even better if I had some wireless headphones, but I didn't get any for Christmas. I guess I just need to buy them for myself. What else is new? *shrugs* I'm going to attempt 1 audiobook a month which seems a reasonable number to me since I'm trying to get back into the swing of listening. Plus, I'd like to get back on the treadmill, so 1 book a month should work to keep me occupied. We'll see how it goes. 

First, I need to clean up the old guestroom that is now the cat room and get stuff out of my way and off the treadmill. I mean, do the cats really need an old car seat box with a blanket in it on top of the treadmill? Well, yeah, they probably do, but it's got to go. lol I wish the room were bigger, but the treadmill and the elliptical take up nearly all of the floor space. Also, we'll see what the podiatrist says about my left foot. I did something to it a few months back when I was mowing and it's not getting any better. It would probably heal if I kept off it and remembered to take ibuprofen on a regular basis. Oh, well. I have appt with him today, so we'll see.


  1. Good luck with the audios-I have a BUNCH of great recommendations if you need them! Also, good luck with your foot. That cortizone shot sounded painful as hell. (I once had one in my ankle and had a reaction to it overnight, but by the next day it helped tremendously!)

    1. I love audios and miss them, so I'm hoping I can get back into the swing, but kinda ease into it. lol

      It was super sore yesterday which he said it would be. It really didnt' help that I was on the go the entire day. Ugh. Today it's better and I only had morning appts. So yay!