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Daddy-Long-Legs ~ Audiobook

When Jerusha Abbott, an eighteen-year-old girl living in an orphan asylum, was told that a mysterious millionaire had agreed to pay for her education, it was like a dream come true. For the first time in her life, she had someone she could pretend was "family." But everything was not perfect, for he chose to remain anonymous and asked that she only write him concerning her progress in school. Who was this mysterious gentleman and would Jerusha ever meet him?

Book source ~ Purchased at Chirp
Daddy-Long-Legs, #1
Jean Webster ~ Author
Sara Young ~ Narrator
31 August 2021 (audio)
1 April 1912 (1st published)
Classics | Historical Fiction

My Rating ~ 5 bites

In the early 1900s, Jerusha “Judy” Abbot grew up in a home for orphans. When she is 18, she is sent to college by one of the trustees who chose to remain anonymous. As part of his agreement to pay for her tuition, room and board, she is to address him as Mr. Smith and write to him monthly when she received her allowance. She does so and this is a collection of her letters to him.

Ok, this is just as delightful as I remember it being when I read it as a kid several decades *cough*four to be precise*cough* ago. I actually only vaguely recalled it, but remembered that I enjoyed it, so when I saw it on sale at Chirp I jumped at the chance to revisit it. Also, the narrator is fantastic!

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