Friday, August 11, 2023

Friday Featured Spotlight ~ TWR Ultimate Tour: The Stranded & The Exiled


The Stranded 

The Exiled

The Write Reads and The Write Reads on Tour have completed another Ultimate Blog Tour of 2023 featuring two books in a YA Dystopian series titled The Stranded and The Exiled by Sarah Daniels. Bloggers came together to participate from July 20th - August 4th with book reviews and more! I've included them all here for you to see, but if you would rather go to Twitter and peruse them all that way the tags used during the tour were:

#UltimateBlogTour #TheStranded #TheExiled #TheWriteReads @SarahDanBooks @The_WriteReads @WriteReadsTours @penguinplatform @PenguinUKBooks 

Just Book Talk - Stranded
TheReaderPenguin - Stranded
Mug Full of Books - Stranded
insideoutreviews - Stranded
Lois Reads Books - Stranded
Ellie Mai Blogs - Stranded
The Artsy Reader - Stranded
Series Book Lover - Stranded
_ForBooksSake - Stranded
marienettist - Stranded
Ramblingmads - Stranded
sillybookloverfun - Stranded
N S Ford - Stranded
A Cascade of Books - Stranded
Lucy Rambles - Stranded
BookBound - Both
Loz's Den - Stranded
marienettist - Exiled
Ellie Mai Blogs - Exiled
_ForBooksSake - Exiled
Beyond the Books - Stranded
book worm hole - Stranded
Ramblingmads - Exiled
careful_of_books - Stranded
Lucy Rambles - Exiled
N S Ford - Exiled
Loz's Den - Exiled
staceywh_17 - Stranded
Bookshortie - Stranded
staceywh_17 - Exiled
Bookshortie - Exiled
Herding Cats - Stranded
Herding Cats - Exiled
Rochie's Reviews - Stranded

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