Sunday, November 27, 2022

AVR Weekly News ~ 470th Edition

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  • Sunday ~ Meme ~ AVR Weekly News ~ 470th Edition

Hello and Happy Sunday!

Happy Thanksgiving!

On the Home Front: 
  • Sunday - This was so long ago I can't remember what I did. LOL
  • Monday - Prepared for trip to Ohio. Saw Wakanda:Forever. Dropped off Vengeance, Artemis, Sugarcube, Captain Kirk, and Eevee (as well as all their junk) at the Pet Lodge for boarding.
  • Tuesday - Packed up 5 humans, 2 small dogs, luggage, and all the things deemed necessary for comfort into 2 vehicles (mine and hubby's) then were on the road to Ohio by 7am. Got to the farm at around 3:30. Unpacked, fed and walked Rocky and Mr. Puggles, then picked up dinner at Dairy Queen. At then went to get a few groceries. Bro has the internet throttled back so no internet left for us. Hello, Stone Age.
  • Wednesday - Went to see mom at the Inn and waited for nutritionist to call at 9:30. No call. Left at 10 to drop an Amazon return off at Kohl's and did a little Christmas shopping as well as trawled for pants for mom. Did a few more errands then back to the Inn to take mom to her cardiologist appt at 2:30. We were concerned with her legs swelling and weeping of water which can be an indicator of congestive heart failure. PA says her lungs and heart sound great so that doesn't appear to be the issue. She wants leg scans and an echo of her heart to rule out blood clots since mom has had cancer and recently Covid. Those will be upcoming. Hubby and Trip went to Lehman's which is a very cool Amish store and it's a good thing we don't live nearby because we'd be broke.
  • Thursday - Happy Thanksgiving!! Bro, sis-in-law, nephew, niece-in-law, and niece made the food. So.Much.Food. Good thing I wore my stretchy pants. Even then they were tested to their very limit. My oldest bro was also there and we broke mom out of the Inn. It was a good day.
  • Friday - Up at 3:30am and on the road back to NC by 4:50. It had rained but thankfully it stopped long enough to get loaded up. Then it rained all the way through Ohio and West Virginia. Luckily, once we went through the first tunnel under the mountain into Virginia, the rain had pretty much stopped. My night vision is terrible and it's even worse when it's dark and raining, so I was clenching my jaw and hands on the wheel until the sun started coming up at our first rest stop in West Virginia. And I was tired. But we made it home by 1:00pm. Unloaded then went to break the furries out of prison, I mean, boarding. After that I picked up Subway sammies for late lunch/early dinner. Totally exhausted. In bed by 9:00pm. Also, one of Trip's fish died by early evening.  Not sure what happened but we do not blame the person who was feeding them.
  • Saturday -  Did not do the usual Saturday cleaning. Fuck that shit. We weren't even here for most of the week. LOL I did do some tidying and rearranging in prep for picking up the Christmas tree. Took the Thanksgiving/Fall decorations down. We picked up the tree at a new lot because the one we usually use is no longer serving our area. POOP Anyway, we picked out a great looking tree but accidentally chose one that's too tall. Oops. Hubby will have to get the chainsaw out and cut it.
  • Today -  It's raining. It's supposed to do that all day. I plan to do the interior Christmas decorating. Hopefully there will be a break in the rain to cut the tree and get it into it's spot. I'm so tired. lol It'll probably take me a week to recover.
Mom's week: She had a CT scan on Monday then saw the oncologist Friday for results. Cancer has not spread and tumor appears to have shrunk. So, decent news. She's been having issues with throwing up every few days (food that is undigested) and the radiologist explained that the stomach wall has thickened so digestion is messed up. She's also on oxy and that can slow digestion which makes sense because it's also known for causing constipation. She is switching to another pain med so hopefully those issues will clear up some. His suggestion is to eat tiny bites and slowly. Eat this way all day if possible, concentrating on nutrition. She's going to try some soft nutrition bars to nibble on. I've suggested hot tea after her regular meals. I know it helps me digest. I even suggested toddler utensils since she has a hard time taking small bites and eating slowly now that she can actually eat real food. I don't blame her but she needs to slow down. In other news, her physical therapy is going great and she is exercising like crazy. She was able to swing her leg up into my Pilot (no small feat considering how short she is and how tall the Pilot is) this time when last month I had to help her. A lot. I barely had to boost her in this time. Big improvement. So, yay! Also, mom said yesterday her legs were not as swollen. 

Touching Nature: Weather in OH mirrored weather in NC. Below freezing at night and warmer during the day. Nice considering there was snow on the ground just the week before. Rain rain rain today.

Book News: I have absolutely nothing to report here. Instead of an audiobook, we listened to a true crime podcast (Crime Weekly with Stephanie and Derrick) about JonBonét Ramsey. That took the entire trip up and part of the trip back. It was a lot of information I didn't even remember about. For the rest of the trip we listened to some kind of nightmares podcast. I'd have to ask Anna what it was. She had all those on her phone. lol

Don't Touch That Dial!: We watched a few Bones episodes Friday evening but then watched Scrooged Saturday after getting the tree. Chrismas movie watching begins!

At the Flicks: Wakanda:Forever Pretty good movie.

Cyberspace Playground: Still Wordle and Zen Match


Carol's Nuggets of Wisdom: Traveling sucks. When will transporters be invented? FFS, can someone get on that? Like, now, please!

That's it for me. AVR News Update signing off. May all your books enthrall you.

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  1. Glad your mom is having some progress even if there are still struggles. I went and saw Wakanda this week too and thought it was good! I loved Bones. Still watch the reruns occasionally. Sounds like a busy week! I'm like you with the time to travel. Although sometimes I do enjoy a fun road trip, when I have to fly somewhere or when I'm coming home on a road trip, I wish for the transporters too! Have a good week!
    Lisa Loves Literature

  2. Busy week! I hope this week you can stay at home. Your mom sounds like things are slowly improving. Wishing you a good week ahead.

    Anne - Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

  3. I always enjoy reading your news-y posts! Glad the travels went well and that Mom is doing pretty decent and that Thanksgiving was nice. And you got out to see a movie! Woo hoo!

  4. Sounds like a lovely Thanksgiving. I'm glad that your Mom's health is improving a little. I hope she continues to get better.

  5. What a newsy post - lots going on and for the most part it sounds like a good week, though busy. That's a lot of travel in a short time. Then to come home to tackle Christmas decorating - whew! Like my hubby is always telling me, be sure to take a break now and then - there's always tomorrow. :) Hope you get a chance to pick up a book this week!
    Terrie @ Bookshelf Journeys