Sunday, January 3, 2021

AVR Weekly News ~ 376th Edition

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--- AVR News Update ---
Hello and Happy Sunday!

On the Home Front: 2020 is in our rearview mirror. Thank the Book Gods. Let's hope this year is better than the last. And I don't want to hear a single one of you jinx it by saying, "Well, it couldn't be any worse." FFS! Yes, it can! Do.Not.Say.It. Or I swear I will hunt you down and beat you about the head and shoulders with a wet pool noodle.

The week was spent, I'm sure you'll be surprised and possibly happy for me, mostly idle. I did a bit of tidying, but nothing stands out in my mind.

I finally managed to sort my tupperware on New Year's Day. Man, that was a hella job. Much of it went to the Hospice Thrift store, some went in the recycle bin, and the rest will stay here. Then I had to figure out where to store it. So, I have a cupboard for it, but I'm not sure that is its permanent home. But at least it's out of my sight and off my table. LOL

In a weird twist to the incoming 2021, hubby will be heading to Iowa for some training on a  manufacturing line that is coming to NC. Unfortunately, the plant in Iowa will close in June. I know it's not much consolation, but the company did offer to transfer anyone who wanted to move to NC. I do not have the stats on if anyone will. Anyway, the offer here was for anyone wanting to train on the new line could go to Iowa and do so. Hubby volunteered as a tribute. There are others, but I don't know how many. I currently only have basic info, details are coming Weds when he goes in for a meeting. He worked 2-10:30pm on NYE and he's off (the plant is closed for some kind of...something or other lol) through Thursday. He'll work Friday and Saturday then head to Iowa on Monday the 11th. Supposedly the company is chartering a bus as it's a 14 hr drive. He will be there 3-4 weeks, come home a week, go back for 3 weeks, home a week, and back for 3 weeks then home for good. Again, I'll have all the details on Weds. I said, huh. It's kinda like when you went to boot camp except you didn't get to come home then and I bet it's not as physically grueling with people yelling in your face. LOL I've already pulled his suitcases out and made a list of things he'll need to take. If he didn't need his work clothes, personal care products, and medicine before next Monday I'd already have him packed and ready to go. Bwahahaha!

Touching Nature: Mostly chilly and a bit rainy. In other words, typical for a NC winter.

Book News: I finished the year, on December 31st (right down to the wire lol) with 112 books. I have 5 reviews to write and some are for this week. Better get crackin' on those. Nice to see some things never change. lol

Don't Touch That Dial!: Trip and I have picked up where we left off in our Star Wars chronological rewatch and that means we're in Season 3 of Rebels.

At the Flicks: Nope. The boys are going tomorrow to see Monster Hunter.

Cyberspace Playground: Nope

Randomness: Yep

Carol's Nuggets of Wisdom: When all seems dark and feels as if everything is lost, remember the words of Samwise Gamgee: That there is some good in the world and it's worth fighting for.

That's it for me. AVR News Update signing off. May all your books enthrall you.
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  1. Wow, your husband will be away a long time ! It's funny, but if mine did the same, I'd be happy to have some time off at home, no cooking, no cleaning after him, lol. Love that Calvin and Hobbes pic, every time I see them, I smile before I even read the text. Have a great week, Carol, and let's fight the good fight ;)

    1. Unfortunately I won't get any time off. I still have many people and furries living in the house. lol

      Calvin & Hobbes is the best comic EVER.

  2. I grew up in Iowa and went to college there. He's going to need warmer clothes than here. It snows there. I'm curious what part of Iowa since I know everywhere from RAGBRAI. So to me, the NC 50s in the day 30s at night which are average for winter are really nice compared to Iowa or Minnesota. As long as it isn't raining, Lulu and I are trying to walk every day. I'm excited to hear the Tupperware sort has happened. Happy New Year!

    Anne - Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

    1. Burlington, but they are flying into Peoria. He's packing his poly pros (Marine long johns), so he should be fine. The hotel isn't far from the plant and they'll be driving. He's still not sure he wants to pack his snow boots. He'll mostly be hanging out at the hotel when he's not working and he's wearing his steel-toed work boots to travel.

      I'm excited about the tupperware, too. It's so nice having it put away even if I'm not entirely happy where I homed it. lol

  3. Sad about all those who are losing their jobs, but I'm glad the company did offer some options. Sounds like your husband has some intense weeks ahead - and you have a break ahead lol! I'd honestly miss Kiko if he were gone that long, though.

    Congrats on the tupperware. It always feels good to have a major project like that done.

    Have a great week!

    1. We'll miss him, but it's a great opportunity. His biggst concern is being treated shitty because they're coming in to be trained to do the jobs they are losing. Even though it's not the NC employees' fault. He's pretty sure no one will fuck with him, but who knows?

      With the tupperware in the rearview mirror other projects are crowding forward. LOL