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A Sparrow Alone


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15 April 2020
Historical | Fiction
312 Pages

My Rating ~ 3 bites and a nibble

Set in the 1890s in Colorado, the tale follows 13-yr-old Hannah Owens and the horribly brutal life she leads because she had the misfortune of being born female into a family without money or privilege. 

There’s Historical Romance that lets a reader peek in on the realities facing those who lived in the past while never really hammering them home and then there’s Historical Fiction that tosses you in the deep end and doesn’t care if you sink or swim. There’s no right or wrong to either, but be warned that this particular story is brutal in its portrayal of what life was like for women in this country when they had nothing and no one to protect them.

Some women were lucky. Even with everything Hannah goes through in this book, she’s one of the lucky ones.  And I’m going to use that term loosely because her life is not easy. However compared to many women of the time she’s definitely been lucky in her acquaintances and circumstances. She makes the best of what comes her way and while the decisions she faces are unfathomable to most of us here in 2021, it’s chilling to realize that with sex trafficking running rampant we are still dealing with the same situations Hannah did in the 1890s. 

Told from Hannah’s point of view she has a wonderful voice and it’s fascinating to watch her evolve from an ignorant girl to a world-weary woman. Her situation is enraging as well as heart breaking. My only complaint is how the story seems at times to drag and others to skip ahead. Plus, the ending is a bit rushed. Overall though, it’s a read that will definitely stick with you for a long time.

About the Author

A graduate from the Jordan College of Music at Butler University, in Indianapolis, IN, Chicago-based author Mim Eichmann has found that her creative journey has taken her down many exciting, interwoven pathways as an award-winning published lyricist and songwriter, professional folk musician, ballet choreographer and now, historical fiction author. Her debut historical fiction novel, “A Sparrow Alone”, published by Living Springs Publishers on April 15, 2020, has met with extremely enthusiastic reviews and “Muskrat Ramble” which will be published on March 23, 2021, is its much-anticipated sequel.

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