Monday, November 2, 2020

The Vault of Dreamers

Book source ~ NetGalley
16 September 2014
432 Pages

My Rating ~ 1 bite
DNF @92%

Rosie Sinclair is competing with 99 other students in her grade to stay at Forge School - a prestigious school that is also a popular reality tv show. But things aren’t all that they seem and Rosie is determined to find out what evil lurks below the surface.

First off, these students are supposed to take a sleeping pill so they stay asleep for 8 hrs a night. So, we have drugging the students. Check. When Rosie fakes taking her pill and stays awake she discovers that some students are being taken from their dorm room and given an IV with who knows what in it. Experimentation? Check. The Dean is well-respected but Rosie sees something else in him. Mild-mannered evil genius? Check.

I made it to 92% of this book and then just gave up. Why? Because I was pissed at myself for even reading that far. Why did I subject myself to mediocre writing and a fucking twat as a main character? Because I'm a fucking dumbass. Not only that, all the characters are two-dimensional clichéness and the plot is so convoluted as to be indecipherable. Did I mention Rosie is a twat? Not to mention the “romance” between her and the kitchen guy (who is so memorable I can’t even think of his name) was forced and unnatural. I stopped reading and pretended Rosie died in the end. Now I’m partly satisfied.

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