Tuesday, November 3, 2020

The Winter Boy

Book source ~ NetGalley
6 November 2014
508 Pages

My Rating ~ 1 bite

A group of widows lives in The Valley of Alleshi. They are known collectively as the Alleshi. They train young boys to be men/leaders of their communities. Their training takes many forms. Yes, that means they also train them in the ways of sex. A Winter Boy just means they are trained during the Winter season. Pretty simple. It also means they have the shortest season but without as many chores as the other seasons. Rishana, a new Alleshi, gets her First Boy, Ryl. He’s a problem boy. But he’s not the only problem. There are other factors at play and their whole world is fracturing from inside and outside foes. 

The Winter Boy is a great concept with an awful main character. Plus, s-e-c-r-e-t-s that can’t/won’t be shared even though they really should be. I really and truly hate that trope. UGH!

Let’s discuss Ryl. So full of himself, impatient beyond belief, and frankly, he’s a 16-yr-old piece of shit. He has no redeeming qualities. Rishana tries to be fair, but she’s too easy on him. He’s unbelievably thick in the head. He thinks MEN are all-powerful and superior and women are only there for sex and to serve MEN. That’s it. They have no value at all. By the time I gave up on this book he’d been with Rishana for weeks on end. And he STILL believed himself to be superior in every way. Flaunted rules because they were stupid to him. Thought he was the best lover ever and that all the women could do is talk about how awesome he is. Way too stupid to live. Just slit his throat and be done with him. Or better yet, kick him out and live with the shame. What a turd. He ruined what I think could have been an awesome book because everything else (except the damn secrets) was actually pretty good. Ah, well.

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