Monday, November 30, 2020

The Rumor

Book source ~ Library
9 July 2019
Mystery | Suspense
325 Pages

My Rating ~ 3 bites

Joanna Critchley moved back to her hometown of Flintstead with her young son to be near her mother and to make a fresh start. But it’s slow going. When it looks like Alfie is going to be bullied again, she needs to think of something, anything, to break into the golden mommy circle so her son has access to playdates. So, she repeats a rumor she heard, about a child killer named Sally McGowan possibly living in Flintstead. In 1969 Sally McGowan was 10 when she accidentally killed five-yr-old Robbie Harris. She served her time then was given a new identity and disappeared. She was discovered once before disappearing again. Now, she may be in Joanna’s home town! Or is she?

I have to tell you, the characters in this book are pretty unlikeable. Especially Joanna. What a twat she is. No wonder she can’t make friends. Her poor son. The rumor is gripping and the mystery of whether Sally McGowan is, in fact, in Flintstead and if so, who it could be is what kept me reading the story. Otherwise I would have DNF’d and went to the next book in my TBR. All-in-all, a mediocre read.