Saturday, July 18, 2020

Knightmare Arcanist

Book source ~ Tour
18 June 2019
Fantasy | Young Adult | Adventure
338 Pages

My Rating ~ 4 bites and a nibble

Volke Savan is the Isle of Ruma’s gravedigger apprentice and so his is adopted sister Illia. Taken in by the Gravekeeper William Savan when they were very young they were destined to dig graves until they died. However, Volke and Illia have other plans. They want to be arcanists, someone who bonds with a magical mystical creature who could then wield magic themselves. Arcanists are looked up to and they are powerful and Volke wants to be powerful. More importantly he wants to be able to help people, people like himself and Illia who were dealt crappy hands in life. When he wasn’t able to bond with one of the only two phoenixes on the island, Illia has an idea. She has heard there are some shipwrecked mystical creatures stuck out in the Endless Mire and she’s going to find one for herself and one for Volke. So, off they go and the adventure begins.

Whew doggie! This is a wonderful exciting tale from beginning to end! Volke is the centerpiece of the story, told entirely from his POV. He’s a flawed, but wonderful character. Stubborn as all get out which is good because he needs all the stubbornness he can manage. Since his eldrin is a knightmare AND he’s second-bonded his magical connection is harder to manage than those who bond for the 1st (and usually only) time. It’s unusual for a mystical creature to bond a 2nd time since they almost always die when their arcanist dies. Or they go mad. But Luthair is determined to kill the arcanist who murdered his arcanist and he chooses to bond with Volke to do it. Secondary characters shine and I couldn’t decide who the actual villain was until nearly the very end. The world is fantastic and full and I can’t wait to join more adventures with Volke, Illia, and their friends. If you like your young adult fantasy to have magic, mystery, danger, and plenty of action then look no further. This is the one for you!

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