Monday, March 9, 2020

Summon the Keeper

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Book source ~ Purchased
7 June 2005
Fantasy | Humor
366 Pages

My Rating ~ 3 bites and a nibble

Claire Hansen is a Keeper. I mean, as in, magically. She goes to accident sites and fixes them. And by accident I mean places that have had a magical boo boo happen. She and her companion, a white and black furry feline named Austin, go where they are summoned, fix the problem, and move on. Except this time, the guardian, a Cousin named Augustus, has buggered off from his post, the Elysian Fields Guesthouse, a rundown B&B in Kingston Ontario. It’s an accident site of unusual intensity and origin and Augustus had been there 70+ years keeping watch over it, but had finally decided he couldn’t take it anymore and summoned a Keeper. Who happens to be Claire. Now she’s stuck with this site and has to figure out how to close it for good or be trapped here until her dying day. Not an enjoyable prospect for one so powerful and in her prime no matter how gorgeous her cook/handy man, Dean McIssac, is.

This is a light and entertaining bit of fluff to keep you occupied for an afternoon. There’s magic, humor, Hell (who speaks in CAPS-trust me, hilarious!), and some yummy non-explicit hotness revolving around the handyman and a ghost. Plus, a talking cat. Yay! Dean’s Newfoundland accent got a bit irritating after a while, but I worked around it. Claire can be a little unlikeable at times, but not horrendously so. I got tired of Jacques and his constant sex innuendos. Give it a rest for a bit would ya? Claire’s sister Diana, I hated. Seriously. Anyway…The world is interesting and the characters entertaining (most of the time), so I say if you like a bit of different magic mixed with humor then give this a go. I mentioned the talking cat, right? Yay!


  1. Diana was obnoxious, wasn't she? And Jacques was obsessed, oy. I'm sorry you didn't love it. Hell was pretty funny though, wasn't it? (Things you never think you'll say, lol)

    1. I may not have loved it, but it was good entertainment. And definitely different. I loved Hell. LOLOL I'll read the next one at some point.