Wednesday, March 11, 2020


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Book source ~ Kindle Unlimited
18 February 2020
Paranormal | UF
233 Pages

My Rating ~ 4 bites 

Defiance “Dephne” Dayne is a forty-four-year-old divorced and broke woman who has just inherited a house from a woman she has never even heard of.  She has driven from Arizona in her rust bucket VW Bug to Salem, Massachusetts to claim it because why not? And yes, I did say Salem, MA. Home of the witch trials. The house is huge and persnickety. And it comes with a cat and a gorgeous hunk of a man who lives in the basement. But, wait! There’s more! But why should I spoil your fun?

If you are a fan of Charley Davidson then this book is right up your alley. Darynda Jones does not disappoint in this new series that should prove to be just as entertaining as Charley’s. There’s plenty of magical woowoo, a rich backstory, a hubba hubba guy, a cool house, humor, and great characters. Dephne is an interesting take on a witch  and there appears to be danger galore on the horizon. I’m looking forward to watching this series unfold.


  1. Do you, I have never been to Salem despite living in Massachusetts most of my life? I've also never read Darynda but this looks good.

    1. You haven't?! I would definitely check it out. lol If you like snarky humor and hunky guys with magic thrown in then you should enjoy Darynda's books.