Sunday, October 9, 2016

AVR Weekly News ~ 164th Edition

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--- AVR News Update ---
Hello and Happy Sunday!

Happy 16th Birthday to my baby boy, Kyle!!
His birthday was Friday. :)

On the Home Front: Been a busy bee here this week. The InD'tale Conference started Thursday in Burbank, CA and I've been trying to keep up with happenings on Twitter and other social media avenues. Other than that and celebrating baby boy's b-day, just trying to stay ahead of the housework and stuff. *sigh* 

Touching Nature: Matthew brought rain, rain, rain, and more rain. But that's about it for us here in the middle of NC. I am enjoying the much cooler temps so far this month. Finally some appropriate seasonal weather. And I've had my A/C off for over a week now. Sa-weet!

Book News: I finished the reviews I needed to write! Woot! Now, I have other deadlines to finish before I can read some more, so I can let more reviews build up. :D I also have some posts to draft, but not many. I need to get crackin' on my NetGalley November books! I have some, but I need 14 more or I'll need to spread them out over the month instead of having one every day except Sundays.

Don't Touch That Dial!: A few NCIS but that's it. I see Supernatural Season 11 is now on Netflix, so we really REALLY need to get caught up there. And Longmire Season 5 came out a few Fridays ago. We seriously need to binge that. Watching tv would probably be so much easier if I wasn't watching with other people. I could catch up on Arrow, but I've been too busy with other stuff.

At the Flicks: Nope

Cyberspace Playground: Nada

Randomness:  Been there, done that, sometimes still do.

Carol's Nuggets of Wisdom: By all your birthday/celebratory cards and wrapping paper at the beginning of the year and you won't be scrambling last minute. I tell myself to do this every year, and yet myself is an asshat who forgets.

That's it for me. AVR News Update signing off. May all your books enthrall you.
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  1. Well done on catching up with your reviews. I was up to date (though slowed my reading to catch up) and now am a couple behind again. It's so easy to slip behind.

    Enjoy the binge-watching!

  2. I had the AC on last night because it was muggy outside but today is in the 50's and I want to open the windows. I am hoping it stops raining so I can do that.

    I need to build a review library since I only have 2 reviews to write and no books finished to write anymore. I am so behind on reading.
    I need to catch up on Supernatural, I think I ended in the middle of season 9 before we lost all our DVR recordings and haven't had a chance to go back. I have so much I want to binge watch but just don't seem to do it. Might have to get at least one or two in before the Hallmark Christmas movies start! Then no binge watching anything until Jan because I am NUTS!

    Have a great week, Carol! Happy Reading! ox

  3. I love NCIS and Supernatural. I watch the Supe reruns every morning. Just can't get enough of it. :-)
    sherry @ fundinmental My Sunday Memes

  4. Glad you missed the brunt of Matthew! It's been a bad storm for some. Hope you have a great week!
    My Sunday Post

  5. Happy birthday to your baby! Not a baby anymore :( it's too fast isn't it?

    I'm glad that Matthew wasn't too bad for you! I'm starting to want the heater... But it's like a temperature battle at my apartment right now. My mom is always hot, so she turns the air way down. Then I get freezing and turn the air off. Kiko doesn't seem to care one way or the other, but wishes we'd leave it alone. Lol. Thankfully we don't have to worry about cost, it's free for us because Kiko works at our apartments. Phew!

    Congrats on review catch up... We won't talk about how many I still have to do.

    Have a great week :)

  6. Oh I downloaded the Dispatcher too...totally forgot. Glad Matthew didn't cause to much trouble. Happy Birthday Kyle! I did not touch nature this Hope the kid's downloads have finished. Have a wonderful week, and enjoy your tea :)

  7. Great job on catching up on your reviews! I have some to write but they will be short since they aren't for blog tours. I just want them on my blog to count toward my reading challenges lol. The birthday cards are a great tip but I would forget where I put them (I've done that before lol). Hope you have a great week!

  8. Congrats on getting yourself caught up! Happy birthday to your son.

  9. I watched the first half of episode one of Supernatural, but I've never watched past that. I wasn't in the mood when I tried it, but I guess that I should try again because it's so popular. Have a good week! :)

  10. Great job getting caught up on your reviews! I am glad you were far enough from the hurricane to only get rain. I need to catch up on a lot of my TV shows!

    Thanks for heads up on that free audio! :)

    Happy reading!

  11. Way to get caught up! I have two reviews I need to write right this minute, but I can't be bothered. I'm too busy catching up on other things. Oh, Life! Que sera, sera! Happy birthday to Kyle! My baby brother also turned 16 this year and since I raised him it has been a little hard to soak up.

  12. I was doing so good on writing my reviews. Then I got sucked into Netflix again. LOL Happy Birthday to your son! And enjoy those great reads, in between the cleaning and such:) Glad to hear Mathew didn't cause any damage for you.

    My Sunday Post