Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Sunday Post ~ 119th Edition

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AVR News Update
Hello and Happy Sunday!

On the Home Front: I seem to have spent this entire week running around Hell's Half-Acre. I thought having teenagers would mean they would have licenses and I would be driving less, not more. I cannot tell you how happy I'll be when Jessica and Anna finally get theirs. Trip should be doing the driving portion of his class soon then he can get a permit. Then, all we need is some money to get a couple used cars. Yeah, that's not happening anytime soon. 

Touching Nature: Battle III of Leafageddon commenced and Leaf Blower & I were victorious! The leafy menace still has a few troops on higher ground, but I think it's safe to proclaim the War of 2015 is won.

Book News: I'm finishing up NetGalley November with 18 books instead of the 20 I was aiming for, but that's ok. I'm happy with that number. And that's 18 less books over at NetGalley I need to worry about. I currently have 44 posts drafted, 14 of which are already scheduled. Nearly all of the others are graphic novels, so I can slot those in whenever I need to fill a spot. Or maybe I'll take January off and fill the blog with graphic novel reviews. Considering I have another 27 graphic novels and 2 books from the library to read I could also take February off. :D The boys and I finished the audio of Storm Glass and didn't really care for the narrator, so we decided not to continue with books 2 & 3 of the trilogy. Instead, we're doing a reslisten of the Dresden Files. Because we lurve Harry and by the time we get through the 15 books, book 16 should be out (May 10, 2016).

Don't Touch That Dial!: Zilch. Nothing. Ziparoo. 

At the Flicks: Nope.

Cyberspace Playground: I watched a few Cinema Sins on YouTube while I ate dinner one evening, but other than that, I got nothin'.

Randomness:  You're welcome.

That's it for me. AVR News Update signing off. May all your books enthrall you.
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  1. Oh, some interesting new reads there.... a few I must check out myself.

    And I had to laugh at leafageddon!

  2. I always feel mad at myself when I give up a series for not liking the narrator. I always think it's not them but me. I have weirdly displaced book guilt.
    Glad you were victorious over the leaves!

    1. Kyle & I have read the trilogy, but Trip most likely won't. He's not upset about it, so I'll let it go. :)

  3. You got Quiet Neighbors too! Yay!

    Congrats on winning Leaf Armageddon, treat yourself to a book!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. I really shouldn't have, but...ok, yes I should. LOL

      I'm going to treat myself to many. Well, reading them from the library because no monies. :)

      Thanks, Bea! Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

  4. That dude is frightening, My daughter walked by and goes "Is that man naked?"

    Please tell me those Santa books are Monster Porn!!!! I am glad the battle of the leaves is finally winding down. Now you can spend the rest of the season battling snow ;)

    Have a great week, Carol! Happy Reading! ox

    1. Well, he sorta is but he's more like a mannequin. lol

      No, they're not. *pouts* I need some! And soon if I'm going to do a post in December. I'm thinking of getting the 30-day free KU just so I can get some holiday monster porn. LOL

      Thanks! You, too!

      *psst* That secret we have is killing me! lololol

  5. Cool gif!!! LOL, glad you are ahead in the war with the leaves. I remember when all my kids could car was never home!

    1. I would be happy to never have a car at home. LOL With 3 teens though we need at least one more car. Jessica is going to get her own once she has a license.

  6. I loved when my son started driving and getting to tell HIM to run to the store and stuff. lol. That gif is cool. Have a great week.

    1. I'm anxiously awaiting the time when I can send the kids to the store! lol

  7. I think I would go crazy if I had to worry about leaves....we are out in the country and I just leave them on the If they get to bad I mow over them. :) That random pic creeps me

    Enjoy your new reads!

    1. I usually mow them once after they start covering the ground, so I can mulch them up. After that though I need to blow them off the lawn or they would kill the grass. The price we pay for living in the woods. lol

      It freaks a lot of people. LOL

  8. My daughter has her driving permit and I can't wait for her to get her license. But we don't have a car for her and I hate to think how much the car insurance is going to cost. So she'll have her license but no car for now lol. At least she can pick up her sister if I need her to.

    You did great with your Netgalley goal. I am so behind on my ARCs I haven't requested any 2016 ARCs yet. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy your new books!

    1. Yeah, I am so not looking forward to the insurance. They'll need to get a job to help pay for it. I made my oldest pay for half of his. And then he went into the Marine Corps with 1 yr left on his "inexperienced driver" status so we were able to cancel since he wouldn't be driving. At least, not civilian vehicles. lol

  9. Wow What terrific selections you have!! I love your header picture!!

  10. Your description of the battle of the leaves made me laugh :) Glad you emerged victorious

    1. Damn leafy I won't complain (too loudly) since I do enjoy living in the woods. :)