Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Sunday Post ~ 112th Edition

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AVR News Update
Hello and Happy Sunday! 

It.Is.October! Dafuq? The year is now 3/4 complete. Though, I have to say, this year has been a tad, shall we say, trying (*cough*fucked up*cough*) for us, so I think I'll be happy when it's over. On the other hand, I love October! So...

On the Home Front: Our Accord overheated on Weds then sprung a leak in a hose on Thurs. Of course it happened on the days my husband was working. Luckily, Anna's boyfriend is a sweetie and he picked up Jessica and the boys from school for me. Hubby took a half day vacay on Thurs and came home so we could fix it. Thank the Engine Gods that the hose was on top and relatively easy to get to. While we were at it we replaced the thermostat since we've had that part for MONTHS and never got around to replacing it. Bonus that it was right next to the hose we needed to replace. If that wasn't a sign telling us to fucking replace the thing already, I don't know what is. LOL  All seems to be fixed. Keep your fingers crossed they stay that way. We're still having issues with our Montana. Will someone please come steal it and push it over a cliff or something? We're stuck with it for another 22 months. Then we're getting a truck. Oh, and I have a cold. Alternating stuffy/runny nose, sneezing and sinus pressure. It sucks, but I'm carrying on.

Touching Nature: Nature has been leaking all over us for far too long. This shit needs to end. Like, pronto. I've forgotten what the sun looks like. Oh, and I picked 4 jalapeños. Also, the stinkbugs have been awful again. But I fixed those fuckers. I drizzled an old dish cloth with peppermint essential oil and hung one at the front door and one at the back door, you know, in-between the screen and inside doors. I haven't seen a single one since. Bonus: the house smells like peppermint.

Book News: Reading acquisitions = cha-ching even though they don't count towards my yearly challenge. I also took on extra books for InD'tale. At least those will count when the magazine pubs in Nov. and again in Dec. Like yesterday, when I added the two I did for the October issue. Yay! I'm currently 25 books behind. I have two tour books to do for this month (one for Friday, yikes!) and some library books I need to finish and then I'll be reading NetGalley books for November. I'm aiming for 20 (Mon-Fri posts) and I have 8 done. There will be no Monster Porn Monday post in November. I know, I know, but it'll be back in December. Yesterday I drafted a bunch of posts and wrote a few reviews. I have no idea how many of each. My head's too stuffy to count them up. lol

Don't Touch That Dial!: No progress on the Buffy/Angel front. Too much going on. Hubby is most pleased though that Murdoch Mysteries seasons were finally added on Netflix. The guys (hubby, Trip & Kyle) were upset that Blacklist and Sleepy Hollow are now on at the same time. Wut?! So they watched Sleepy Hollow only to find out that Hulu no longer has Blacklist (but they do have SH). WUT?! I fixed that though. After a bit of Googling found me a tip, I added the NBC free channel on our Roku and Blacklist is available on it. Take that Hulu! There are other free channels on the Roku that I didn't know about and I'm going to be looking into them. I'm beginning to think we don't need Hulu after all. I'll weigh the data before making a decision though.

Cyberspace Playground: I'm afraid I fell off the wagon just a little bit. I was surfing Facebook when one of the Buffy pages I follow posted a video. And that was it for the rest of the day for me. *hangs head in shame*'s the video that sent me down the YouTube rabbit hole.
MrMorda898 ~ The Buffyverse: Slayers


That's it for me. AVR News Update signing off. May all your books enthrall you.
Shelf Additions
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I should not be requesting anything from there, but...this!
And I got it. Woot!

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As always, glove before love.

Darkness Reigns (pre-order) 


  1. Awesome haul. That truck gives you such trouble, glad it was an easy fix. With all that rain maybe you need a boat?

    1. I hate it. I truly and completely hate it. I embrace the hate. 22 more months. I'm counting down. lol And yes, a boat would be nice. :)

  2. The sun came out today but the last couple of days has been just YUCK! but we did need the rain my neighbors lawn looked awful. Glad you were able to fix the issues always throw me off.

    Is Netgalley November on again? I need to look that up. I need to do that myself since I am pretty sure Netgalley is going to change my password soon if I don't start reading the books I have.

    Have a great week, Carol! Happy Reading! ox

    1. I don't think we'll see the sun until Tues. Grrr! With money so tight it's a good thing hubby & I are quite handy. :)

      I think there's a blogger who does NetGalley November, but I'm just going to do my own thing and hope for the best. lol I gotta do something. I think I'm at 36%. Eeeee!

  3. Your posts always crack me up! Nature can be a pain in the keister... :) and car troubles. So fun.

    I have a free trial thing for Hulu but I've been watching the crap out of Netflix so haven't looked at Hulu much. I'm binging on Continuum and the show got screwed up in S2- screwed up in a good way tho, quite the twist.

    1. Nature is making me mad. Grrr! lol Omg, car issues. *huge frustrated sigh* It never ends.

      We started with the free trial and then kept it mainly for Blacklist. So, yeah. I think we can safely get rid of it and save a few bucks a month. With no cable or satellite, Netflix is like 99.8% of our tv watching anyway. :D I'll have to take a gander at Continuum. I'm always on the lookout for shows to add to My List.

  4. Oh I hate car trouble! Hope you get to feeling better soon. I was excited about Murdock Mysteries too! Now I am starting over so I can remember what happened since it has be what seems like forever getting the new season on netflix. :) Enjoy your new reads!


    1. Car trouble just blows. Hubby had watched all of MM that Netflix had then went to Hulu, but now that Netflix has them all I think I'll start from the beginning. :)

  5. This post made me laugh but sorry for all your car troubles. Good thing your husband was able to fix it!! I have to start Blacklist again. We tried to watch it but it shows late here so we are already sleep. But I loved the episodes we did see. I hope you feel better soon!

    1. I really try to find humor in things because otherwise I might tend to lean toward the homicidal. lol I have yet to watch Blacklist. I'll watch it someday. :)

  6. Impressed that you and hubby were able to mend the car. Great you got a book from NetGalley you really wanted, always a bonus. Enjoy.

    1. We're so lucky that we're handy. We can fix most things. Not everything, but a lot of things. Whew!

  7. Wow. All of these books are new to me. Look out book budget! LOL Sorry about the bad stuff. I just paid about a years worth of car payments to get my owned vehicle fixed. It's like a new engine in it now so crossing fingers it behaves for at least a year. LOL I'm avoiding Netgalley until I do more reviews. So behind there and it really bothers me.

    Here's my Sunday Post -

    1. Hopefully they were still free. :) Our Montana got a new engine in 2012. But most of the rest of the van is 2000. It just needs to hang in there for 22 more months. lol The Accord doesn't usually give us problems *knocks on wood* considering it's a 1997. I'll buy Honda products any day of the week.

  8. I almost got The Mentor, it was a toss-up between that and the one I did get, Infinity Lost.

    I didn't know Roku had NBC, I'll have to look for it. I still like Hulu though. :) It also has The Murdoch Mysteries. :)

    Cars suck, that is all.

    I hope your cold does soon and your week is better!

    1. Netflix now has all of Murdoch Mysteries and no commercials! O.O

      They do. That is all. lol

      I think it's getting there. I only sneezed & blew my nose 100 times today instead of 1000. lol

  9. Lots of nice books! We haven't watched Blacklist, but our daughter is urging us to try it! Sorry about the car trouble. That's so stressful. I hope things get better on car front. Enjoy your reads and have a good week.

    1. I'll get to it some day. :) It would be nice if we never needed a car. It's the 21st century. Where are the transporters?! lol