Thursday, October 1, 2015


*Book source ~ Library
Title ~ N.
Author ~ Stephen King
Adapted by ~ Marc Guggenheim
Illustrator ~ Alex Maleev
Publisher ~ Marvel
Published ~ 20 October 2010
Genre ~ Graphic Novel | Horror
Pages ~ 112

My Rating ~ 3 bites

Ackerman’s Field. It should be a peaceful place of Nature, to sit and enjoy the view, have a picnic or toss a Frisbee about. But no. What is it about this particular place and why does it affect some people and not others? Real or delusions? Who’s brave enough to find out?

Well, this isn’t creepy at all. <insert facetious font> I don’t read Stephen King. Ever. Or watch movies (except for the bits and pieces I’ve accidentally seen over the years) adapted from his books. Because heebie jeebies. But when I saw a graphic novel adapted from one of his short stories I thought to myself: “Self, this might be doable.” So I picked it up. The artwork is awesome. Very chilling. The story itself is eerie. I’m a bit confused by the ending, but overall this would be a decent addition to any horror aficionado’s repertoire. Especially one who likes graphic novels.


  1. I don't usually pick up horror books or movies, although I can deal better with scray books than movies, so I am assuming graphic novels would fall somewhere in between. I am glad to hear the artwork was done well, that's one of the things that most important to me in a graphic novel.

    1. Horror is something still fairly new to me, but I don't think I'll be heading to Stephen KingLand anytime soon. lol The graphic novel, while creepy, is much better to handle than a movie or book. At least for me it is. :D

      The story needs to be decent, but yeah, a graphic novel really needs an awesome illustrator to make it work. I'll forgive a lot if the artwork is nom. :)