Thursday, March 8, 2012

Third Grave Dead Ahead

Third Grave Dead Ahead
    (Charley Davidson, #3)
    ~ Darynda Jones
Publisher ~ St. Martin's Press
Published ~ 31 January 2012

My Rating ~ 5 out of 5

Charlotte “Charley’ Davidson is a beautiful PI with ADD, a penchant for stumbling into trouble, an annoying family and some good friends. Oh, and she’s the grim reaper and a portal straight to heaven that demons want and the Son of Satan, Reyes, is trying to protect. But she can’t be bothered with that because she has cases to solve.

Third Grave Dead Ahead is book 3 in the Charley Davidson series and I’m still in love. In fact, I’m going to marry Darynda Jones just for creating such a great series. Oh, wait…I’m already married. And so is she. Damn polygamy laws! Besides, she doesn’t even know me. Oh, well. I guess I’ll just worship her from afar. Even though the ending was just so mean! Well, the ending before the actual ending. The pre-ending? Eh, read it and you’ll understand. Lol

As far as I’m concerned this book is another homerun hit out of the park and across the parking lot. Amusing as hell and intriguing with a case that has more twists and turns than a mountain road in West Virginia I found I had a hard time putting this book down. The ending was a one-two punch, a shocker and a big surprise. Though I did want to beat the snot out of both Reyes and Charley’s dad by the end of the book, I can’t wait to see how book 4 has Charley soldiering on. Is it October yet? Just askin’ because time does seem to get away from me with all this reading and I don’t want to miss the release of Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet.

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