Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Shattered ~ Kate Kelly
Publisher ~ Kate Kelly
Published ~ 5 September 2011

My Rating ~ 3 out of 5

Tessa MacLean was running for her life. Her boss was trying to kill her, had already killed a co-worker and she had no idea why. The only person she could trust was her former fianc√©, Jay Rawlings. Jay is a former Detective turned rancher after a case goes horribly wrong and his sister is murdered. Three years have passed and he’s still subconsciously wallowing in guilt when Tessa shows up and the past and the present collide.

Decent writing and good storyline, but I couldn’t get past how whiny both Tessa and Jay were not to mention Tessa comes off as wimpy and Jay emotionally abusive. Also, Tessa has a killer on her tail. Someone who hasn’t hesitated to kill at least once already and has made no secret of the fact he’s on her tail every step of the way as she flees. And yet, that doesn’t stop her and Jay from doing stupid things to put her life in jeopardy. Such as leaving the safety of the house more than once or practically tearing each others’ clothes off in the barn right after Jay’s dad is attacked there. It was too much for me. I had no respect for them and started hoping one or both of them would get shot for being so hormonal and idiotic.

While I didn't care for this particular story I won't let that stop me from reading more by Kate Kelly because I did like her writing style and the plot was a good one.

*The author provided a copy of this book to me for review. Please see disclaimer page.

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