Sunday, September 16, 2018

AVR Weekly News ~ 259th Edition

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--- AVR News Update ---
Hello and Happy Sunday!

On the Home Front: Oh, Sweet Baby Jane, was I busy this week. On top of prepping for a hurricane that decided not to show up to the parties, I had to shuttle various peeps to app'ts. Then on Thursday Anna turned 21. My baby girl is old enough to drink (legally). We took her out to Chili's for a birthday lunch then hit Kohl's so she could pick out some clothes that she liked. Friday we all went to Cork & Cow for a cheese and meat plate and some wine. We'd never been there, but we liked it and must go back soon. Then we went to Red Oak Brewery for a beer tour which came with all the "samples" we wanted after the tour plus a lovely pint glass. Tasty! Yesterday my hubby turned 50, so we went to Texas Roadhouse for his birthday lunch. Then we did a little Pokémoning before heading home to watch the Indians decimate the Tigers. I think we're partied out. Also, monied out. Gah! I have one more birthday milestone this year, Kyle turns 18 on Oct 7th. Then I can relax for a bit. *faints*

Lots of cake this week. Sugar high!

Touching Nature: So, Hurricane Florence hit the coast of NC on Friday morning then scraped down the coast before waddling over land. Here in the middle of the state, we lucked out. It was supposed to barrel straight up over us, but with the shift we've only seen some busty winds and a lot of rain. As of this post, we are all good at the Voracious Homestead. I hope it continues to be so.

Book News: I now have 10 book reviews to write. Yikes.

Don't Touch That Dial!: Nothing but the Indians and they clinched their division title yesterday. Woot woot!

At the Flicks: Nothing

Cyberspace Playground: I'm nearly done with Wordscapes and there's been no update. I guess I'll need to replace it with something else.

Carol's Nuggets of Wisdom: If you prep for a hurricane it most likely won't show.

That's it for me. AVR News Update signing off. May all your books enthrall you.
∞ Shelf Additions ∞
From the library

Picked up a bunch of classics. I may already have them, 
but probably not in ebook form.
Free at time of drafting. Gaze twice, click once.


  1. I'm so glad you haven't had a severe impact from the hurricane. That was our experience too (in central Virginia.) But it's always better to be prepared; if the hurricane misses you, you can still use your supplies.

    Happy birthday to your daughter and husband!

    I can relate about being behind on reviews. I think I'm a lot further than 10 behind, though. I've got a lot of catching up to do. Let's wish each other luck!

    1. It was looking pretty nasty for the rest of us for awhile there. Then it went SE and while I'm happy we're ok, I feel bad for those it did impact. Though you're right. We do have all these hurricane snacks. lol

      Thank you! I'll tell them. :)

      Ok, we must make a pact. We will get at least half of them written by the next Sunday Post. Deal? lol

  2. Meatloaf understands! Did you make those cakes? You are so creative. I haven't done anything like that since the kiddos were small. Hopefully the weather is clearing up for you.

    1. He truly does! lolol
      I wish I was that creative. While I do like baking soooooooo much more than cooking, I buy the cakes. :D
      As of 5:30pm, it is still raining, raining, raining. Sigh.

  3. oh wow look at all the wonderful classics you got for free! Thank so much for sharing them!

    Happy Birthday to your baby (legally big) girl!and to hubby! The big awesome 50 huh?!

    1. I think all classics are free all the time. Not positive? But pretty sure. lol

      Thank you! My kids are growing up too fast. And that includes hubby. hehe I've been 50 for 6 months. About time he made it here. lol