Friday, May 11, 2018

Everything We Keep

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*Book source ~ Kindle First
1 August 2016
306 Pages

My Rating ~ 1 bite

Aimee Tierney is a chef in her parents Irish Pub, but what she really loves is baking and making gourmet coffee blends. She plans to buy her parents restaurant when they retire but they get into financial trouble and sell the restaurant. This is right after her fiancé, James Donato, goes missing on a business trip to Mexico and instead of marrying him, she buries him. With her life turned upside down, Aimee needs to decide what to do now.

This is book is awful. I should get a medal for finishing it. The only thing that kept me reading is the “mystery” surrounding James and his death. Aimee is TSTL. Seriously. I wish she had been the one to die. Stupid decisions, stupid excuses, stupid everywhere. The secondary characters are flat. I’m not kidding. They are like cardboard cutouts. The pacing is uneven. The “mystery” is beyond ridiculous. Convenient plot twists abound, so reader beware. The writing is amateurish. And did anyone else who managed to read this notice it took Aimee 19 hrs on a plane to get to Mexico. From California. Omfg. Stop. Drop. And roll into a class about research. I was never so glad as when I hit the last page. Skip this. I mean it. Save it for when you need to punish someone ~ make them read it.


  1. There are a couple other books the author has written, perhaps you should try those... *snicker* I have become disillusioned by the "Kindle First" selections.

    1. I've had some good ones. I'm so far behind that I think I'm still in my 2016 picks. lol