Thursday, August 17, 2017

Baltimore, Vol 1: The Plague Ships

*Book source ~ Library
Illustrator ~ Ben Stenbeck
28 June 2011
Graphic Novel | Horror
128 Pages

My Rating ~ 3 bites and a nibble

Wounded in WWI, one-legged Lord Henry Baltimore fights vampires in hopes of stopping the plague sweeping the world. A plague he feels responsible for. In his quest for the head honcho vampire, Haigus, he kills deader than dead every vampire and monster that crosses his path.

A pretty good story about a vampire hunter and I love that he’s got a wooden leg. The fungus vampires are disgusting. That is all. The artwork is decent, but not really my style. I don’t think I’ll be continuing Lord Baltimore’s story simply because I don’t care enough to continue. Though there is an actual book (not graphic novel) so maybe someday I’ll read that. Maybe.

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