Friday, March 24, 2017

Don't Fear the Reaper

*Book source ~ NetGalley
Netherworld, #1
YA | Paranormal
23 September 2011
251 Pages

My Rating ~ 1 bite
DNF at 68%

Keely Morrison is so filled with grief and guilt after the murder of her twin that she decides to end her own life just to make the pain stop. Except it doesn’t. Stop, that is. She’s now an earthbound. Not bad enough to go to hell and not good enough to go to heaven, she’s trapped in purgatory until her fate is decided. Accompanied by a reaper and a demon, Keely learns about her new existence all while trying to find her sister.

Blah, blah, blah. This story started out with so much promise and then…crash and burn. I had to give up and mark it DNF at 68%. I just couldn’t take another page of it. The first part, where Keely takes her own life, is so well-written that I was on the edge of my seat, wild with anticipation for what was to come. Boy, what a letdown. I slogged on and on and on through terrible writing, shallow characters trying so hard to be deep, Keeley being the biggest twat on her plane of existence, annoying facial expressions of all kinds, and the secrets. Omfg, the secrets that the reaper and the demon are keeping (as well as some random dude named Dave and her own sister), but Keely just ignores. Because I mentioned she’s a twat, right? She swings so wildly from whiny bitch to thoughtful and wise beyond her years and back again to the whiny bitch that I wanted to either prescribe her some meds or just beat the shit outta her. Seriously. By 68% I finally had to ask myself why I was still reading such a terrible book. The answer was, I have no clue. It’s not like anything was being revealed or explained or Keely suddenly grows a spine and demands answers. So, goodbye Keely. I hope you go to hell, you whiny, self-centered, stupid twat.