Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Top Ten Favorite Series

Wow. This post took me a lot longer to do than I originally thought and I must thank my daughter for the quickly drawn banners. :D I apparently need some type of graphics software, but then I would need to take a class. Or two. And a new computer because I'm sure my dinosaur wouldn't be able to handle new software. 

Anyway...I was originally going to do a Top Five Series, but I was just foolin' myself that I could pick only Five. So it became Ten and an Honorable Mentions list of Five. Believe me, it was hard enough whittling it down to those. This is why I can never pick a Favorite Author. There are just TOO many out there!

Series is Current ~ 14 books + many shorts
Next book ~ Skin Game 12/3/13
Additional ~ 5 Graphic Novels 
*Thoughts: I love humor in my books and there's plenty of that in these. Plus, Harry, magic, mysteries and kicking ass. What more could anyone need?

Series is Current ~ 10 books + several shorts
Just released ~ The Darkest Craving 7/30/13
Next book ~ The Darkest Touch ~ 2014
Spin-off series ~ Angels of the Dark
Series is Current ~ 2 books
Next book ~ Burning Dawn February 2014
*Thoughts: Mythology, humor and hotness. Need I say more?

Series is Current ~ 6 books + several shorts
Next book ~ Up From the Grave ~ 1/28/14
Spin-off series ~ Night Prince
Series is Current ~ 2 books
Next book ~ Untitled & Unknown pub
*Thoughts: Vampires, ass-kicking, humor and hot steaminess. Yummy! 

Immortal Guardians ~ Dianne Duvall
Series is Current ~ 3 books + 1 short
Next book ~ Darkness Rises 10/1/13
*Thoughts: Humor, hotness, paranormals and a mystery in the underlying story spanning the books. This series is currently a Top Five Favorite. 

Series is Current ~ 8 books
Next book ~ Bite Me 3/25/14
Pre-Series ~ Magnus Pack
Series is Complete ~ 3 books + 1 short
*Thoughts: Shifters, humor and hotness. 'Nuff said.

Series is Complete ~ 13 books + many shorts
Follow Up book ~ After Dead 10/29/13 
*Thoughts: I haven't read the last few books yet. I've been hanging onto them because I don't want them to end.

Series is Complete ~ 8 books
*Thoughts: This was a unique series back in the 90s when I discovered it. Love it! Maybe I need to include them in my Time Turner Tuesday reviews just so I can have an excuse to reread them.

Series is Current ~ 24 books + several others
Co-Author Starting with Book 17 ~ Todd McCaffrey
*Thoughts: I stopped reading these books back around book 16 (around 2000) when my life got so busy I had to let them go. I intend to reread from the beginning because these were a favorite dating back to my childhood and I'm curious to see if the quality has remained with the addition of Todd McCaffrey.

Series is Complete ~ 8 books + 2 shorts
Additional ~ 3 Graphic Novels
*Thoughts: I love, love, love this series and was so sad to see it end.

Carpathians or Dark series ~ Christine Feehan
Series is Current ~ 23 books + several shorts
Next book ~ Dark Lycan 9/3/13
*Thoughts: Dark Prince was one of the first paranormal books I read that got me started on my paranormal fixation that continues to this day. While the books are a bit repetitious I still enjoy them.

Series is Complete ~ 4 books
I always just called this the Freedom series.
*Thoughts: Love sci-fi/fantasy and the whole alien lover thing was hot. Anne McCaffrey worked kinky in long before kinky was mainstream.

Series is Complete ~ 6 books
*Thoughts: Not usually a fan of history, but in this series the mix of fiction and history kept me enthralled. Oh, and this was the longest fucking series ever for me to follow, 6 (only 6!) books spanning from 1980-2011! 

Series is Current ~ 19 books
Next book ~ Takedown Twenty 11/19/13
*Thoughts: This series was getting a bit stale there in the middle books, but it's picking back up.

Series is Current ~ 22 books
Next book ~ W is for Wasted 9/10/13
I also call these: The Alphabet books
*Thoughts: I have to get caught up with this series. I love Kinsey.

Series is Current ~ 22 books + a couple shorts
Additional ~ 12 Graphic Novels
*Thoughts: Yes, even with the current crappy writing this series remains a favorite. The newer books (21 & 22) are riding the coattails of my love for the rest of them. 


  1. I love your daughter's banners - how cute!! I understand about graphics - I would be up a creek without a paddle without my brother's graphic help (he's a graphic design student).

    Some great picks on there - I need to get around to a few of them still!

    1. Thank you! I needed them quick so she just drew them on paper instead of trying to do them on her computer (which is newer than mine lol).

      I have many series I need to start. I thought about attempting a Top Ten Want to Read Series for the blog, but I'm not sure I could handle another list so soon. LOL

  2. Auel,Frost and Butcher would make my list..and after I read Duvall it might get added..LOL Great list and net post!

    1. Kimba, I think you'll love the Immortal Guardians. Seriously. :D

  3. Great list! Butcher, Harris, McCaffrey would make my list. Your daughter's banners are great. I haven't ventured into graphics for my you said it would involve taking some classes!

    1. Thanks! :D I don't mind taking classes, but the time would seriously infringe on my reading time. Ya know? LOL