Saturday, April 6, 2024

Cover Reveal for The Forest of Fate

It’s us against the forest.

Stripped of weapons and exiled to the worst wilderness in the land, we have a three-week trek to reach a friendly settlement. Why am I facing a forest crawling with creepy monsters and overgrown with carnivorous trees, unarmed? That would be my companion, a cold-hearted wolf woman who looted an ancient artifact from the only safe haven in the Forest of Nightmares.

Will my future be dodging monsters by day and uneasy nights sleeping with one eye open? Or will we work together to survive this nightmare?

The Forest of Fate, an adventure romance set on the wild and fantastical world of Arvia, is a tale of ordinary people overcoming the impossible.

Including their pasts.

The Forest of Fate
Tales of Arvia
Author ~ D.H. Willison
Cover Artist ~ Papaya
Fantasy Adventure | Romance
274 Pages

May 10, 2024

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