Saturday, January 27, 2024

The Renegade Akseli Cyborg

Too many years of hunting psychotic vampires night after night have left Rachel with a desperate need for change. So when the opportunity to travel across the galaxy aboard a Lasaran warship to a utopian planet arises, the powerful Immortal Guardian jumps at the chance. Rachel eagerly looks forward to making a fresh start… until an enemy attacks and she ends up alone in an escape pod so far from alliance-occupied space that no one can hear her communications. No one except a renegade cyborg who shouldn’t exist.

After a grueling, hard-fought rebellion, Wonick and his cyborg brethren settled on a distant planet, where they’ve finally carved out a peaceful existence. The Aldebarian Alliance believes every Akseli cyborg died long ago. And battle-weary cyborg leader Wonick is determined to prevent anyone from discovering otherwise, knowing such would spark the fiercest manhunt in the galaxy. Yet when he hears Rachel’s communications, temptation drives him to speak to her, sparking friendship and a longing for a very different future.

Rachel finds Wonick even more appealing when she meets him in person, and the friendship they’ve formed soon deepens into love as the cyborgs—no more immune to her fun-loving, laughter-inducing nature than Wonick—cautiously welcome her into the fold. But the warriors’ unbridled ability to collect intel uncovers a secret the enemy has guarded for decades, one that compels them to embark upon a mission fraught with danger.

If they succeed, they may end the enemy’s attempts to conquer the galaxy once and for all.

If they fail, it could cost Wonick and Rachel everything.

Book source ~ ARC. 
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23 January 2024
Sci-Fi | Paranormal | Romance
Humor | Action
440 Pages

My Rating ~ 5 Bites

Rachel is an Immortal Guardian who volunteered to go into space with four others of her kind and 10 gifted ones. They were heading to Lasara to see if they could help the Lasarans with a fertility problem. Ok, it’s much more involved than that, but I’m keeping this short. Anyway, they were happily traveling along when their ship was attacked and escape pods were scattered across the galaxy. Rachel finally comes across a planet she hopes will suffice until she can be rescued, but it’s already occupied by people who are in hiding. And she just brought a mortal enemy right to their door. Uh, oh. Now what? A lot of ass kicking, that’s what! Woot!

Hellz to the Yeah times infinity! What a ride! I am loving this series so much! Each book follows what happened to the survivors after the Lasaran warship Kandovar was attacked by the Gathendians. They can all be read as stand alones, but seriously, why would you want to do that? Go back and start at the beginning. You really won’t regret it.

Rachel and Wonick are great characters with tons of personality. The writing flows fast with lots of action and humor. Secondary characters shine and the romance between Rachel and Wonick builds up steam until it explodes into yummy goodness. Wait. That sounds especially naughty. Because it is! Nom nom! I devoured this across three days only because I was in the process of my office renovation. Otherwise it would have been done in one day. I look forward to every single book Dianne Duvall produces. Her Book Release Days are a holiday for me. Or I try to make it so. This year was the exception that I’ll try not to duplicate. If you like your books filled with awesome characters, action, humor, danger, romance, and ass kicking then do not pass this up. Long live Dianne Duvall!


  1. So glad that you loved Wonick and Rachel’s story! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.