Monday, November 27, 2023

Wild Court

A secret organisation is losing the battle to maintain the empathy levels that sustain the planet’s protective barriers against the nightmare worlds.

A young aristocrat safeguards a terrible secret, sponsoring an archaeology graduate obsessed with biblical artifacts. An all-knowing orphan worshiped by a cult joins a textbook exemplar of toxic masculinity and an introverted librarian. Together with a retired demon hunter, they’ll face the apocalypse.

Book source ~ TWR Tour
12 March 2023
425 Pages

My Rating ~ 4 bites and a nibble

A secret organization called the First Extraordinary has been keeping the world safe from things everyday citizens don’t even realize are out there. The noosphere is getting very thin though because of a rapidly declining empathy level around the world. That combined with a disgruntled former employee who has turned villain means shit is gonna hit the fan in a really big way.

What a great story!! It has everything I enjoy in a book: action, danger, great characters, multiple POVs, fantasy/paranormal elements, humor, and excellent writing. The words just flow. It’s easy to read and the plot moves along at a decent pace. I’ve read Matthew Samuels before and just love his books. I really fall into the story and am reluctant to come back out. What else is there to say? Don’t pass this one up!

I’m Matthew Samuels, a science fiction and fantasy writer based in London, UK. I’m the author of the Sci-Fi Hopepunk adventure books Parasites and Dusk, the first two books in the Navigator Series, which you can buy on Amazon or read more about on Goodreads (ParasitesDusk), and urban fantasy titles, Small Places, which you can buy here and read about here, and Wild Court, which you can read about here and buy here. 

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