Saturday, June 17, 2023

Rogue Darkness

Immortal Guardians have hunted and slain psychotic vampires for thousands of years. Now someone is hunting them. Humanity remains oblivious to the existence of immortals, vampires, and gifted ones, so how does this rising nemesis even know who they are and where to find them? Could it be the machinations of an old nemesis—one they thought they defeated? Or is this something new? Because unlike the foes they’ve faced in the past, this one doesn’t just target immortals. He targets those who are near and dear to them.

A gifted one under the Immortal Guardians’ protection, Nicole has worked hard to land her dream job—that of an Immortal Guardian’s Second or mortal guard—and loves working with Sean. He’s smart. He’s funny. And despite the sometimes dark existence he leads, the two of them laugh a lot. Years spent as a special ops soldier prepared Nicole well, enabling her to keep Sean safe despite his tendency to dive headlong into danger. But can it keep her safe? The enemy they face is determined and shrewd. Uncovering his identity may require new methods of engagement and force her to take a few risks.

Sean hasn’t been immortal long, but he knows the rules. And according to the rules, Nicole is off-limits. She’s his Second. His guard. His best friend. The one person who knows him better than anyone else. Though he loves every minute he spends with her, friendship is all they can ever have... isn’t it? Sean soon begins to question that as the two of them engage in a deadly cat-and-mouse game with the enemy, one that will reveal the true depth of their feelings for each other and drive him to abandon the rules altogether.
Book source ~ ARC.
My review is voluntary and honest.
13 June 2023
Paranormal | Suspense | Romance
375 Pages

My Rating ~ 5 bites

For thousands of years the Immortal Guardians, under the leadership of Seth, have hunted and killed vampires preying on humanity. As technology advances and the human population explodes, this job becomes much more difficult, not only to keep humans safe, but to keep the knowledge of vampires, immortals, and gifted ones hidden. Because unscrupulous people will do anything to learn the secret of immortality and they aren’t worried about breaking a law or two or a dozen to obtain it.

Nicole is a Second assigned to Sean, a fairly new Immortal Guardian. They’ve been working well together for about three years and have weathered the takedown of the powerful enemy of the Immortal Guardians, Gershom. When the stepdaughter of Immortal Guardian Nick Beranger is nearly kidnapped by vampires, they need to figure out if this is connected to Gershom, a random attack, or something else entirely.

Holy shit. Dianne Duvall has done it again. I have to admit to being curious and a little wary of what this next book would be about. I mean, the big build up to Gershom and his eventual defeat was huge. So huge. What was going to take his place? Because the Immortal Guardians don’t have enough on their plates keeping the exploding vampire population at bay. Wait…exploding vampires. Now, that would be interesting! Thank goodness they don’t. Explode, that is. Anyway, the excitement and tension in any good suspense comes from having a Big Bad to fight. Thankfully, we get one. There’s mystery, humor, steaminess, and so much action! And that one scene?! Holy fuckballs! That is just sheer brilliance. I love it! I would have finished this in one sitting if I hadn’t kept getting interrupted. Rude!

I love every book in this series and this book is no exception. With all the elements I love in a book I consider it the best entertainment around. As I say with every book that comes out. I swear I’m a broken record. Book awesome! Buy it! Buy all the books! Do it now! Seriously though, you won’t regret it.

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