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Two years have passed since Kael and Alessia discovered Xirra, but despite providing an unexpected source of help, political tensions between Lyran cities have deepened. The Xirran philosophy of hope is causing rifts between the townships, and the two explorers unexpectedly find themselves at the heart of a controversial cult. Worse yet, one of the monstrous creatures from Carthusian, the ever-changing city-ship, seems to have been sighted in Vulpes, Lyra’s farming city.

With new enemies coming from unexpected places, Alhambro is determined to understand how the thinnings link universes, dispatching Vega’s best car crews across space, commissioning Basteel and Slyph to investigate the strange creature in Vulpes. At the same time, Kael and Alessia embark on a vital mission to cross a forbidden asteroid, an abandoned planet previously home to a super-advanced race and into the unknown.

As a new, hostile species capable of traversing the thinnings emerges, it seems that the sun is setting on Lyra for the very last time.

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31 March 2022
427 Pages

My Rating ~ 5 bites

Kael and Alessia discovered Xirra in the last book. It could have ended there. I’m so glad it didn’t! As with any new change, upheaval follows. And their world of Lyra does not like change. They are a practical people and hope is foreign to them. But the Xirrans believe in hope. Well, it’s a mess. However, that’s not the only problem on their plate. A new species has shown up and it’s hostile. Wow. What dicks. Traveling through the thinnings between parallel universes in a surprising and alarming way means everyone is on high alert and doing their best not to lead the enemy home to Lyra.

Ok, seriously. When I say this is a tension-filled book I am not kidding. This new hostile species is out for blood and there’s no information as to why because they don’t communicate with anything but weapons. What the hell?! Kael and Alessia’s mission sends them across several universes that are white knucklers and there’s no way to know if the next crossing will do them in or not. Basteel and Slyph are sent off to another mission on Lyra, but then have to rush off elsewhere and it’s a fun-filled ride. And by fun I mean dangerous. And so not fun.

Full of awesome multi-planetary action, danger, tension, and terrific characters, this story is what I want in my sci-fi adventures. I have no idea what book 3 will bring (hopefully some serious alien asskicking and my favorite peeps safe and alive) but I want it as soon as it’s out. Bring it on!

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