Sunday, October 9, 2022

AVR Weekly News ~ 463rd Edition

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  • Sunday ~ Meme ~ AVR Weekly News ~ 462nd Edition
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  • Sunday ~ Meme ~ AVR Weekly News ~ 464th Edition

Hello and Happy Sunday!
(post written on Saturday)
This month marks my 11 year blogoversary!

On the Home Front: 
  • Sunday - Did a bunch of laundry and mostly relaxed.
  • Monday - Mom had a bad day, Trip had a psych appt, we stopped to get Qdoba for dinner, and I cleaned & tidied the cat/spare room.
  • Tuesday - Trip and I put up the Halloween decorations.
  • Wednesday - Went to the podiatrist (no serious damage from rolled ankle and stubbed toe not broken), Trip got bloodwork done, and we stocked up on pet food at the pet store.
  • Thursday - Grocery pick up, TSC critter food stock up, and BJ's run.
  • Friday - Kyle's 22nd bday, worked on blog, last minute errands
  • Saturday -  Cleaning
  • Today -  Traveling to Ohio.
Mom's week: Monday was bad. She called my brother over to tell him she was tired and didn't want to go on. We all called to talk to her. Bro got her an emergency appt for Tuesday to see the oncologist. The rest of the week was better, she rallied in better spirits. She had a conversation with him on Thursday evening that she was worried about being alone in the house after Anna and I leave later this month because she's still physically weak and has brain fog from all the meds. He brought up assisted living (which my bros and I discussed behind her back) and she said she was already thinking about it especially with her declining eyesight. That woman is always one step ahead of us! So, looking around for a facility. Should she get stronger while there the option to go back home is always on the table. We'll play it by ear. I cleared my November calendar so I can go back up on the 1st if I'm needed.

Touching Nature: Really nice out. Fall weather arrived on right on time. Glad I didn't have to report a no call-no show.

Book News: No progress this week. Too busy. Still have 11 reviews to write.

Don't Touch That Dial!: Lucifer season 4

At the Flicks: Not yet.

Cyberspace Playground: Still Wordle and Zen Match


Carol's Nuggets of Wisdom: Life is short. I've used this before but it's a good reminder.

That's it for me. AVR News Update signing off. May all your books enthrall you.

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  1. That's gotta be stressful being a long drive away from your Mom and not knowing exactly how much or what kind of care / assistance she's going to need. I'm glad you have other people in the family to help out!

    Hang in there!

  2. Love your header! I get the way you're feeling with your mom as I'm beginning to worry about my own parents these days. I hope that you're able to get things worked out for her in a way that is good for everyone involved. So glad she's thinking about those things herself as well. Hope you have a better week.
    Lisa Loves Literature

  3. I went through this with my Mom about 3 years ago. She broke her hip and really couldn't be in her home again. She didn't want to be in an assisted living so you are lucky that your Mom will consider it. The medical people wouldn't let her go home on her own though so eventually she had to stay in one. Then Covid happened. It's wonderful you are able to do so much for her and be with her. My Mom was in Iowa, I was in NC and my brother in Fl, so that was not the best situation. Plus at the time Mom broke her hip my daughter was in a wheelchair and I couldn't leave her alone. Anyway, I really respect you and your family's care of her and her flexibility on where she lives.

    Anne - Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post