Sunday, November 14, 2021

AVR Weekly News ~ 421st Edition

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Hello and Happy Sunday!

On the Home Front: It's been an eventful week. My SIL called Sunday evening to let me know my niece had taken my mom to the ER because her heart was racing and wouldn't slow. My brother and SIL were in Tennessee for the weekend and my oldest brother lives 3.5 hrs away from mom. It's nice that my niece still lives at home though my oldest spawn lives in the next town over. However, he just lost his other grandma last week, so while he's nearby it was nice mom didn't need to call on him. They kept her overnight for observation and we believe part of the issue (the other being a-fib) is an electrolyte imbalance because she's been pretty lacksidaisical about eating and drinking. She is being more attentive this week of eating properly and staying hydrated. 

Our T-Mobile home internet is giving me fits. We keep having to reboot it several times a day so I have another unit coming. I've fixed the overheating problem by buying two small fans, one under and one over to push/pull the heat out. The unit is cool now, but over 2 months of overheating has probably caused some damage. Or that's my hope anyway and the new unit will resolve the dropped connection issue. I know this is a newish service, but not having an internal fan in the gateway is a huge engineering mistake. Shame on T-Mobile.

We've been looking since September but Friday afternoon finally took delivery of a Kubota tractor with backhoe, front loader, 3-point hitch, and box scraper (for the driveway). They salesman still couldn't find a post hole digger (auger), but he'll keep looking for one for us. We don't really need it until Spring anyway. So, while we really need a reliable tractor (which our old Ford 8N is not) to get work done around the homestead (is it a homestead with a little less than 2 acres?), I'm having mild panic attacks at the cost. At least we have 0% interest for 5 yrs. But it's still a huge chunk of change. Eeeek

Trip and I worked outside on Tues and Weds (see Touching Nature) and we built a small shelf (not quite done, needs some dowel rod rails across the top) for his and Kyle's computer table that was being overrun by Trip's obsessive buying of Funkos and other collectibles pertaining to Demon Slayer. This was his first experience helping build something. Hubby and I usually do this type of stuff. Trip said it was fun. He may come to regret saying that. Mwahahahaha!!

Had the ankle biters over Friday night for a sleepover and yesterday Jess brought Ellie (who is 4 now!) to come play with them. Oh, for those who are new or just don't remember, Jess is Anna's best friend and Ellie is her daughter. Anna is Ellie's godmother. They moved to Michigan for awhile but have been back for about a year now. I call Ellie Miss Cheeks because her cheeks are the chubbiest I've ever seen.

Touching Nature: Got warm again this past week - upper 70s. We had a bit of rain and some wind Thursday evening. I had a mini battle (just the driveway where we park) of the Leafy Horde before the rain hit, but then even more of the buggers invaded by Friday morning. Friday afternoon, after the sun dried things out, I had a full out battle, number...uh...VIII (I think) of Leafageddon even going so far as to eject a majority of the acorns from the grassy areas into the woods. Trip and I worked outside a bit on Tuesday and Weds cleaning the chest freezer to put the deer corn and birdseed in, moving some more stuff into the garden shed, putting up a board so I could put my handled tools (shovels, rakes, etc) between the studs, covering the split wood under the deck, and cutting some wood pieces on the miter saw to build a shelf. 

Book News: I have nothing to report here and it's frustrating.

Don't Touch That Dial!: Still rewatching Criminal Minds, but haven't watched any Star Wars: Rebels. Of course we've watched the Hurricanes.

At the Flicks: We saw Dune last Sunday. Pretty good! Next up is Eternals.

Cyberspace Playground: Nope


Carol's Nuggets of Wisdom: Don't get discouraged if your blog posts don't get a lot of views in the first days of posting. People find posts over time. I'm often surprised by page views of old posts when I go looking through them. It's really not something I do often, but sometimes I need to reference back to a post (or fix something in it) and, as I'm scrolling, I'm constantly surprised.

That's it for me. AVR News Update signing off. May all your books enthrall you.

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  1. I have been lax about the leaves but they are on the agenda this week as we are supposed to get 70s again and more have fallen now. There are still so many on the trees though.

    Anne - Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

  2. That’s a nice looking tractor :)

    Wishing you a great reading week

  3. Ohmygosh how scary about your Mom! Glad she's doing better now.

    The T-Mobile issue sounds pretty annoying.

    Congrats on the new tractor, even if the price tag is giving you nightmares.

    Ohmygosh I can't tell you how much I love Funkos and how many times I've put one in a cart and then had to take it out again after talking myself down from buying them. Sigh.... I really want the one of Daryl & Dog from The Walking Dead. But I Will. Not. Buy. It.

    I wish the leaves would stay out of the carport. They can go anywhere else, but please stay out of the carport!