Tuesday, January 26, 2021

White Trash Warlock

Guthrie was a good place to be from, but it wasn’t a great place to live, not when you were like Adam, in all the ways Adam was like Adam.

Adam Binder hasn’t spoken to his brother in years, not since Bobby had him committed to a psych ward for hearing voices. When a murderous spirit possesses Bobby’s wife and disrupts the perfect life he’s built away from Oklahoma, he’s forced to ask for his little brother’s help. Adam is happy to escape the trailer park and get the chance to say I told you so, but he arrives in Denver to find the local magicians dead.

It isn’t long before Adam is the spirit’s next target. To survive the confrontation, he’ll have to risk bargaining with powers he’d rather avoid, including his first love, the elf who broke his heart.

The Binder brothers don’t realize that they’re unwitting pawns in a game played by immortals. Death herself wants the spirit’s head, and she’s willing to destroy their family to reap it.

Book source ~ Tour
13 October 2020
Paranormal | Urban Fantasy
260 Pages

My Rating ~ 4 bites

Adam Binder has freaky powers that freak out his mother and brother so they have him committed to an asylum which makes Adam freakishly angry. Ok, not so freakish there. When Adam is released at age 18 he ignores them and goes to live with his great-aunt Sue who is like him. Only more freakish. In their eyes anyway. So they studiously ignore each other until the day Adam’s brother Bobby needs him. And that’s when the fun begins. And by fun, I don’t really mean fun. You know that, right? 

What a great story! Told from mostly from Adam’s POV we do get some chapters from Bobby’s (Robert). Adam is 20, gay, and can see across the veil. It’s caused him some serious problems in life. Unfortunately, instead of his family believing him and getting him some mojo tutoring, he gets tossed into the nuthouse. Yeah, that doesn’t go over so well with Adam. I was prepared to totally hate his mom and brother, but families are never so simple. Be ready for a complicated interpersonal story as well as a gigantic threat from outside the family unit. Holy fuck. That is one scary ass mofo.

I love this world that David Slayton has conjured. I love the characters, the conflicts, and the danger. While I think it drags a bit in spots and is a little unclear in how the other side works I am looking forward to seeing where Adam’s story is going. I’m totally here for the journey. With snacks.

About the Author

David R. Slayton grew up in Guthrie, Oklahoma, where finding fantasy novels was pretty challenging and finding fantasy novels with diverse characters was downright impossible. Now he lives in Denver, Colorado and writes the books he always wanted to read. 


  1. Great review. I felt the same way about the Binders, Carol. I assume that David will expand and further explain the different world in subsequent books.

  2. I loved your review Carol, I'm so glad you enjoyed this book, I did too!