Monday, January 25, 2021

The Segonian

Book source ~ ARC. 
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19 January 2021
Sci-Fi | Paranormal | Romance
506 Pages

My Rating ~ 5 delicious bites

Immortal Guardian and Earthling Elaina is in a spacesuit free-floating out amongst the stars hoping for a rescue from one of the Aldebarian Alliance ships who are searching for Lasaran, Yona, and Earth survivors from a deadly attack on a Lasaran ship. This is one of those instances where she will not be able to rescue her damn self. But she can increase the odds in her favor. Let me just say…ouch. She can only hope that Commander Dagon of the Segonian battleship Ranasura gets to her before she dies.

I truly feel as if I sound like a broken record when I say how much I love Dianne Duvall’s Immortal Guardian world. And now she has added the Aldebarian Alliance series to it. All I can say is, Hot damn! Talk about mashing genres! Paranormal, romance, and sci-fi, Oh MY! Add humor, action, and some steamy nomminess and you get a dish that is more delicious than anything you could possibly ask for or want.

Eliana is an Immortal Guardian who was asked by her leader, Seth, to travel with three others of her kind as bodyguards to 10 gifted females who have volunteered to go to Lasara in an effort to help them repopulate their world. Ok, put that way, it sounds kinda bad. Like they will be forced to procreate until their uterus falls out and their fallopian tubes shrivel or something. They’re actually hoping to find a true love though. And if they don’t then, well, I guess they could stay or go back to Earth? I’m not sure because they haven’t actually made it to Lasara yet. The ship was attacked by an enemy of the Alliance and they are lost out in space somewhere. (See book 1, The Lasaran.) Btw, I’m looking forward to the coming books showing their journeys after the attack.

You’ll laugh, you’ll sniffle, you’ll kick ass…no wait. That’s Eliana. She’ll kick ass while you cheer her on. You’ll fall in love with Dagon and his crew. But most of all you will be entertained and ready for more. Do not miss this book. In fact, go read all of the Immortal Guardians if you haven’t already and be sure to pick up The Lasaran. You will not want to miss these. I give my highest recommendation.

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