Saturday, November 14, 2020

Unfollow Me

Book source ~ NetGalley
10 March 2020
Mystery | Suspense
288 Pages

My Rating ~ 3 bites

Violet Young has a million social media followers and is considered an “infuencer”. She puts out videos of herself, her kids, her husband, her life. But one day she’s suddenly gone. All her accounts except her rarely updated website are deleted and her fans are shocked. What happened to her? Is she okay? Her fans want to know the truth. Or do they?

Told from a couple different POVs, this is a mystery that, the more it unfolds, the more questions there are than answers. At first it’s all about what happened to Violet. Why did she drop out of sight so abruptly? Then, the further along the story moves, the more sinister it becomes. And then there are the bombshells. Holy shitballs. I really did not see some of that coming. By the time I was well into the book I started to get the idea I was not seeing the whole truth. Yep. There are some doozies waiting for you if you decide to tackle this. None of these characters are very likeable and some are downright loatheable. However, the story is compelling and it’s one you’ll want to read.


  1. Replies
    1. The blurb is why I picked it up. It failed to deliver completely, but it's still compelling.