Thursday, November 12, 2020

Quiet Neighbors

Book source ~ NetGalley
8 April 2016
360 Pages

My Rating ~ 2 bites

Jude runs away from London when something bad happens. She was going to fly somewhere far away, but when she gets to the train station on her way out of town, she remembers this old whacky bookshop she visited in this tiny out of the way town and decides to run there instead. What she finds is more than she bargained for and she has to figure out this dinky town’s secrets as well as solve another mystery about her employer, all while staying off the grid and away from the authorities.

There are three mysteries going on in this story and they are all fascinating. Unfortunately, they are the only thing that kept me going. I had to know the answers. If this is the writing style of this author then I will not be reading any more. I hate the style. It’s slapdash and sloppy. There are a million “oh dears” and “my, my my” and other such exclamations. The conversations are really hard to follow with all the local slang and such. Quite tedious and supremely irritating. The writing style does not make it any easier. I only give this a rating of two for the mysteries which are eventually spelled out in a somewhat coherent way. Otherwise, blerg.