Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Playing with Fire

Book source ~ NetGalley
26 August 2014
Paranormal | Romance
352 Pages

My Rating ~ 4 bites and a nibble

Cassie Armstrong is trying to make up for what her father has done to humans and paranormals. The experiments he’s done, the people he’s kidnapped, the torture and death. And let’s not forget the sadistic experiments on his own children, Cassie and her brother. Man, what a douchebag. Anyway, he’s dead and she needs to find Dante. The oldest phoenix shifter she’s ever known. She needs his help, but since his escape from the prison called Genesis he’s been hard to get to and when she does, he dies, burns, rises, and loses his memory. So Cassie has to start all over again. It’s such a bummer. Especially since he doesn’t remember her and she loves him.

Dante is old. Very old. And he’s been imprisoned at Genesis for nearly all of Cassie’s lifetime. Problem is when he dies, burns, and rises he doesn’t remember his past. It usually comes back, but he’s powerful and not too worried about it. Until she comes along. Cassie. She seems familiar, but before he can decide if she is the enemy, men are trying to capture them both. He never runs from trouble but she begs him to, so they run. But trouble follows.

Ok, so Dante is pretty unlikeable. But he has his reasons. One redeeming quality is he doesn’t have any desire to hurt Cassie. Which is a good thing. Cassie is a bit of a bleeding heart, but not too much so. It does lead her back into trouble which Dante doesn’t understand. They have a lot of issues to work out and they have to do it on the fly. Because, you know, bad guys chasing them. This story has a great world and characters and a decent plot. Ending seemed a bit much, but it’ll do. I enjoyed it.

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