Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Never Look Back in Texas

Book source ~ Purchased
Al Quinn, #6
16 June 2020
Suspense | Mystery
197 Pages

My Rating ~ 5 bites 

Al Quinn, retired sheriff’s department detective, keeps getting pulled back in to “help” out whenever the Sheriff calls. Al may be a badass but the Sheriff can usually sweet talk him into the odd job. This time, his lady friend, Fergie (retired city detective), doesn’t need to go along and keep Al’s fanny out of the fire. It’s just a little training mission for a new detective. It’s when Al’s on his way home from this “favor” that he sees Fergie with another guy and looking kinda cozy. Wait, wut? Fergie and Al have been through so much together these last few years, nearly going to the great Detective’s Coffee Shop in the sky a couple of times, and spending their down time together. Turns out that Fergie is going out of town to help an old boyfriend whose stepson is missing and suddenly Al wants to give her a hand. Hmmmm…is Al a little jealous? We’re about to find out as the shit hits the fan in Texas.

Holy shit! Al and Fergie walk into a hornet’s nest in this one. See what happens when you’re just trying to help an old friend out? AND you aren’t even getting paid?! Damn. Told from several POVs gives this story a nice well-rounded feel. The characters are excellent as usual. The plot about the gang is a tiny bit goofy (or maybe it’s just them that’s goofy), but I forgive it since the action is superb. Also, I mentioned the characters, right? Al is a total hot badass babe and the characters that surround him are always interesting. If you like books about older characters who can kick ass and take names as well as unravel a mystery that’s also sort of a western then look no further. Al will deliver if it kills him. And some day it might. But hopefully not for a long long time. I want Al and Fergie to solve cases for many books to come.