Friday, August 28, 2020

Garters and Gargoyles

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Book source ~ Kindle Unlimited
10 June 2020
Paranormal | Mystery
207 Pages

My Rating ~ 4 bites and a nibble

Lucy is getting pretty good at running her grandmother’s knitting shop in Oxford. Well, I guess it’s actually her knitting shop since her grandmother is dead. Technically she’s undead. And one of the newest members of the vampire knitting circle. Yes, you heard me right. Vampires are real and they live in tunnels under the knitting shop and probably most of Oxford, too. Except for Rafe, their undead leader. He has a big ass mansion out in the country. Anyway, like I was saying, Lucy is getting to be quite the businesswoman. Unfortunately it’s taking her a lot longer to get the hang of being a witch. Maybe if she took it more seriously she’d progress faster. I really like Lucy, but, for fuck’s sake, I just want to smack that child sometimes.

Lucy and her intrepid vampire sleuths have been solving murders in Oxford for quite a while now. You’d think Lucy was some kind of murder magnet the way she’s always stumbling onto or into a crime scene. It’s a good thing she’s pretty smart and has awesome helpers to solve these cases otherwise the police might think she was a serial killer or something. Awkward.

Anyway, this time an old high school frenemy of Lucy’s comes to town and man, do I hate her. She is extremely hateable. Trust me. So we know she’s going to end up dead, right? Yay! The best part is she ends up dead in a mansion (not Rafe’s) with a lot of rich assholes around. Any one of them could have done it and it’s great wading through them to see who did the delightful, *cough* I mean, dastardly deed. Even though there’s less of the vampires in this one, my favorite Detective Inspector Ian Chisolm is on the scene and Rafe’s butler/catering whiz, William, gets some serious page time. I love him! Lucy (and by Lucy I mean the author hint hint) seriously needs to find him a potential wife. He’s a darling! Excellent characters, great plot, some English history, and overall, a fabulous afternoon’s entertainment. I’m still loving this series and look forward to more.

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