Thursday, July 16, 2020

The Angel of Evil

Book source ~ Tour
20 October 2019
YA | Fantasy
323 Pages

My Rating ~ 4 bites

When last we left Philip, Satina had been kidnapped by his (and Lucifer’s) arch enemy, Aziel and taken her to the Outer Reach and the ruins of Enoch where he has created his New Hell. Philip is determined to get her back but Lucifer has forbidden it. Too bad for Lucifer that Philip has his own plan.

Philip has changed since we first met him in book 1. Changed quite a lot. In this installment of The Great Devil War Philip has to go to great lengths and risk endangering himself to rescue Satina, but he doesn’t hesitate. As the war between Hell and New Hell heats up Philip’s focus is solely on Satina, but while he’s doing that he learns things about his enemy that could help Lucifer. But before he can really do that, it all comes down. War. Will Aziel succeed?

Man, I really loathe Aziel. So he makes a good villain. Lucifer is a bit of an idiot and has gotten way too complacent. Philip may have changed, but deep down he’s still a champion for the downtrodden. And he’s a pretty smart cookie. The writing is great, the plot decent, and the ending both satisfactory and not. I’m very curious as to how book 5 will play out. If you like YA Fantasy then this book (and the ones that came before) are not to be missed!

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