Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2018 Book RoundUp

So, this year has been terrible in many ways. On top of everything I only read 120 books. That's a really low number for me. I tend to read many more except for my college years where I had to read textbooks. Of course, when I was going to college I was also delivering the newspaper and dealing with six kids, three of which were 5 and under. I rarely slept. What little time I wasn't reading for my next assignment I spent reading magazines. Quick easy articles I could shoehorn in at any time. I had a LOT of magazine subscriptions from 2002-2006. LOL 

Anyway, for 2018 I wanted to break down the books I read and their ratings. Just in case you guys wanted to check them out I've included the Goodreads links. 

I had 19 Winners rewarded with a coveted 5 bites.
These books totally make up for the stinkers at the end of this list.

What a Reckless Rogue Needs
The Dark Interest

4 bites
Babes & Monsters
Dawn in Damnation
Gilded Cage
Star Wars: Kanan, Vol 2: First Blood
Don't Even Think About It
Bobby Ether and the Academy
Spare Hearts
Rattus New Yorkus
Niedermayer & Hart
The Night Bird
Eat My Shorts
Hunting the Renegade Omega
Tentacle Warrior's Captive
Walk Into Silence
Star Wars: Kanan, Vol 1: The last Padawan
Thought I Knew You
Hope's Peak
C*cky Writer
Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hr Bookstore
Wounded Prey
Kah Key Seal
A Life Removed
Kah Key Billionaire
Kah Key Tycoon
Kah Key Jock
Linda Gets Her Groove Thing
Leia: Princess of Alderaan
Romance Readers Guide to Historic London
Desperately Seeking Sixty-Nine
Prisoner of Pan's Desire
Hooked by the Merman
Dark Wine at Midnight
For the Love of Katie

3 bites and a nibble
Tangled Lights and Silent Nights 
A Christmas to Remember
Hark! The Herald Angels Scream
Princess Miri's Memoirs

3 bites
Vampire's Hunger
Searching for Someday
Star Wars: Princess Leia
Take It Like a Vamp
Stuffed: A Ghost (Written) Story
Black Rain
Kah Key Rebound
Kah Key Stud
Nothing Lasts Forever
Kah Key Stranger
The Renegade Wife
Hardcore Twenty-Four
A Tale Du Mort
Flat Spin
The Manhattan Projects, Vol. 1: Science. Bad.

2 bites and a nibble
The Elusive Wife
Tentacles 101

2 bites
Deadly Visions
Bad Mouth
Demon's Bride

1 bite and a nibble
Mastered by the Minotaurs
Savage Woods (also DNF)
I've Fallen and There's a Tentacle in My Butt
Dark Designs

1 bite
The Word Exchange (also DNF)
Turned (also DNF)
The Monster Within (also DNF)
Tempted by a Vampire
Echoes  (also DNF)
In His Command (also DNF)
How Many Dukes Can I Take?
Grave Mistake (also DNF)
Dream Warrior
Everything We Keep
Blaze (also DNF)

The Word Exchange
The Monster Within
In His Command
Savage Woods
Grave Mistake


  1. I think you did great and hope 2019 brings you many great reads!

    1. Thanks, Stormi! I hope so, too. And I hope you have a year of wonderful reads!