Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Book source ~ NetGalley
6 September 2018
288 Pages

My Rating ~ 4 bites and a nibble

Kate Woodson has been living with autoimmune diseases and chronic pain for many years. She’s beat Death back on more than one occasion, but the battles are wearing her out. She’s not totally bed-bound, but her husband Andrew is her main caregiver and breadwinner. When an opportunity comes up for them to go to a lake cottage for the summer, they grab it by the balls. They think the time in a restful, peaceful setting will help Kate get back on her feet. Well, as back as she can be since she’ll never be completely free of her ailments. However, their time in the cottage is not as restful as they hoped. Something is out there, in the woods. Something evil and not quite human. And it has fixated on Kate and Andrew.

Whoa. Just, whoa. This is one creepy as fuck tale. I’m tempted to just leave my review at that and walk away. But I have to say that this story wrung out my heart and scared the shit out of me and that’s no easy task. Kate and Andrew’s struggles broke my heart. I felt hope when they went to the cottage, but that was short-lived. The tension at the cottage builds and builds until all hell breaks loose. I had a headache from gritting my teeth, waiting to see what would happen next. Then next. Then next. It was unbearable! The thing out in the woods? Holy shit! And that ending?! O.M.F.G. Other than dragging a tiny bit in spots, this is one hell of a spine-tingling, hair-raising, nail-biting doozy of a read. If you like horror then do not miss out on this one.


  1. Everyone, liked this one more than me even though I am a huge Hunter Shea fan...lol. :)

    1. This was only my 2nd Shea book, so I don't have a large pot to compare to. It was creepy as fuck to me. lol