Sunday, January 14, 2018

AVR Weekly News ~ 228th Edition

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  • Sunday ~ MemeAVR Weekly News ~ 229th Edition

--- AVR News Update ---
Hello and Happy Sunday!

On the Home Front: Did some running around this week, but got a few things done around the house. Kyle has exams at school, but will only have to go Tues then he's off until the 23rd when the new semester starts. Nice, right? lol Anna started her last semester at GTCC on Monday. And we didn't get Trip signed up for classes, but that's ok. We'll get him in for the Fall semester. 

Everyone will be home tomorrow and it's supposed to be sunny and not too cold, so we're going to downtown Greensboro and walk around doing Pokémon stuff. Good exercise and something the whole family enjoys, so win-win.

Touching Nature: Sunday morning it was 7º and the water froze. NC construction really doesn't like temps that cold. Then Friday it was 70º and rainy so it was also humid. We're back to chilly weather and possible snow next week if you can believe the forecast which I don't. Seriously. Stupid damn weather.

Book News: I finally managed to finish two books. I really miss reading, but I'll get back into the swing when things settle down. I drafted some posts, scheduled a couple, and wrote 2 out of 4 reviews. So, progress.

Don't Touch That Dial!: Trip and I finished season 2 of Arrow. Other than that, I haven't watched much tv.

At the Flicks: None yet.

Cyberspace Playground: Pokémon and Wordscapes.


Carol's Nuggets of Wisdom: You can't fix stupid. Not usually anyway. I keep trying, but it's like beating my head against a brick wall. A for Effort, I guess.

That's it for me. AVR News Update signing off. May all your books enthrall you.
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  1. Totally agree that you can't fix stupid. Now I just nod my head and walk away! Works for me :) Enjoy catching some Pokemon, you are making me consider reinstalling the app on my phone again.

  2. My son and I just caught a few new ones yesterday or at least it was new to me since he catches them without me often. Plus I had to take him to a pokestop so he can get the prize for going for 7 days in a row. I can't wait for the spring so we can walk around again and look for them.

    It was rather chilly here also but next week is a warm up...well like 30s but thats better than 7. :)

    I hope you have an awesome week, Carol! Happy Reading! ox

  3. Sounds like Pokemon fun for ya'll:) The weather is nuts here to. 70s and now freezing. I so long for spring!

    My Sunday Post

  4. What is UP with that weather? Sounds insane. One of my high school students once looked out the window at a group of fifth year seniors skipping class and said "My grampa says you can't fix stupid...but you can stun it with a 2x4."

  5. I totally agree about not being able to fix stupid. You also shouldn’t give important things to stupid people. I learned that the hard way yesterday. Have a great week!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  6. Hope it warms up some. Im so over winter and ready for spring. :)

  7. I hate when you say no pickles and there are!! It's not just the pickle, though - the juices have soaked all into the bun. No bueno!! I got a few things done around the house. The usual: laundry, dishes, steaming the carpet after Cera's angry pees. And now we're on medic duty, too. I hope you stay warm! We're supposed to get dangerous wintry mix on Tuesday and lasting most of Wednesday. I'm really hoping school is cancelled on Tuesday. Considering I'm an hour and a half away at my real house, I might not be able to make it safely...

  8. My reading is in a slump. I am visiting family so books on hold right now.

  9. It has been weird weather these past few weeks here too. I also agree that you can't fix stupid. You can fix ignorant, but not stupid.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens

  10. This weather is about to make me batty! Yesterday they were all in a panic that we'd have snow and ice today - but guess who's getting ready to head to work because there's no snow or ice? This girl! Grr. I don't want snow or ice, but if you're going to make a big deal, deliver on it. LOL! I hope you enjoyed your Monday with the family. Any writing ? ;) HUGS!