Saturday, January 13, 2018

Kindle Review ~ The Warrior's Salvation

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Warriors of Eriu, #1
12 October 2017
Historical | Romance
261 Pages

My Rating ~ 1 bite
DNF @43%

Jeoffrey and Clarice had a thing when they were younger, but when his father, the King, threatens her she takes off. Jeoffrey’s cousin goes with her to protect her and for years Jeoffrey believes she left him for his cousin. When they meet up a few years later, things come to a head and the air eventually is cleared. But Clarice’s past comes back to haunt her threatening their HEA.

When the HEA after happens early in the book, I have to admit to feeling cheated. And jaded. Because I knew as soon as they said they were getting married that something bad was going to happen to them either right before or after the wedding. And I gave up reading as soon as it happened.

In addition, I just hated Jeoffrey. What an asshole. I wasn’t crazy about Clarice, but at least she’s plucky (though really stupid at times) and she so doesn’t deserve a guy like Jeoffrey. Maybe it’s just me, but this story did nothing for me. It didn’t get me excited, it didn’t engage me, and I wasn’t invested in it. When Clarice ignored her gut (even voicing her doubts in her own damn head!) and became TSTL, I was done.

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